Just A Little Bit... (Sex 16+)

So this Movella is practically like any other. Niall of One Direction falls in love with a girl who happens to be Harry's sister. Not Gemma, the other one. The unheard of styles. The unwanted styles. Harry and his whole family hate this sister of his, but will the rest of One Direction? Or is she just an unlucky girl that got caught up in the mess that is One Direction. Feel free to like favourite and comment and I will need characters so if you do that I can put you in :) thanks guys. And enjoy... *drumroll* Just A Little Bit...


7. Coulrophobia

"So what are we doing today?" I asked, walking out of the hotel, hand in hand with Niall. I was wearing a Nirvana teeshirt that I borrowed from Harry, some light blue skinny jeans, leather boots and a grey beanie.

"Well, me and the guys were just thinking about going to this fair that's near." Niall said.

"No, I'm not going to the fair." I said

"Why not! Fairs are fun!" Nial said

"Coulrophobia." Me and Harry said at the same time.

"What-aphobia?" Questioned Zayn

"I know!" Said Louis, jumping up and down like an excitable child... hang on he is an excitable child! "It's the fear of Cauliflower!"





"It's a fear of Clowns!" I said

"You're scared of clowns?" Asked Niall

"Ever since she was seven... unfortunate accident between Mum and a clown..."

"I'd rather not talk about it." The reason was too embarrassing. "What about the Mall?"

"Okay then." Said Niall

"Time to fish out the hoodies and sunglasses." Sighed Liam.







​Hi guys, I'm now coauthoring this movella. I'm T.J Barton. I'm a Whovian, Sherlocked, Potterhead,Youtube fanatic, Tribute, Demigod, Vampette, 5SOS fan and obviously a Directioner. I imagined Steph like:

She looks a bit like a Style and someone Niall would date, and also looks a bit like me [Yep, I'm a Niall girl. Hands off girls, he's mine ;-) ] so... I hope you like my writing style and check out some of my other Movellas. May the odds be ever in your favour! Good Bye!

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