Clues Left By a Handprint

Six siblings. One Case. A mysterious handprint. How did this come to start? With the only clues that were on the crime, a flower, a teacup, an anchor, a key, a light bulb, and three stars. Only a some-what decade later that case would be open again with no one knowing.


1. Prologue





Police cars were wailing their sirens, speeding to get to a crime scene. As the cars approach a guy snuck out from the back and ran towards the bushes. The police went in to check out the crime scene. Detectives were all ready on the case. 

"What happened here?" The chief asked. 

"Well, chief, the woman was strangled with this rope. That was all that we could find." The detective said. They kept on looking around the house.


"Chief we found something!" Every one looked at the wall. The paper was ripped into a circle. It had a handprint in the middle. On the flaps it looked like it had markings on it. The detective took out his magnifying glass and looked at the images. 

"There is a flower, a teacup, an anchor, a key, a light bulb, and three stars." He said. For the next few months they worked on the case, until they were stumped.

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