Clues Left By a Handprint

Six siblings. One Case. A mysterious handprint. How did this come to start? With the only clues that were on the crime, a flower, a teacup, an anchor, a key, a light bulb, and three stars. Only a some-what decade later that case would be open again with no one knowing.







Somethings happen for the best, right? Well for six kids, yes you heard me right, these “things” are the opposite. Living in a two story apartment on Whitney Drive. Just two blocks down from the convenience store and one block from the place where their father works. Their father works for the ‘Wellwick Detective System’. The best and the only detective building in town. The police station was out of whack after the fire that happened two months before and that they are still trying to recover the missing files. We’ll get to that later, their father Alfred ‘Fred’ Louie works day and night and is still supporting him and his six children when his ex-wife Sandra walked out on him. Fred was in and out of the ‘dating game’ for a while, but nothing worked between him and his dates. He, well let’s just say that he’s the guy who never makes the first move.

The kids however would always have to stick together. With their father working on cases, he tells them what happens and leaves the gruesome parts out of it. Sometimes it would be about kidnappings, vandalism, and robbery, but he would never tell them about the murders that happen around Wellwick. The town is quiet, not well known to the public. They lay smack down in the middle of the two popular and well known cities, Hickory and Ural. Somehow the town bursts with news before it reaches any other. As I said before they are not well known to the public, but they are known to the towns in their area. The towns would send out the news for them and they would broadcast it to their people.

Fred’s kids were all from the same mother, Sandra, and their names are, Alice, Jenna, Greg, Matthew, Gwen, and Anthony. They were all born with siblings, except Jenna. Alice and Matthew-twins- and Gwen, Greg, and Anthony-triplets-. Alice and Matthew were sixteen-almost seventeen-, Greg, Gwen, and Anthony were thirteen, and Jenna was ten. They were only three years apart from each other.

 I saw the whole story happen before my eyes. I am known as ‘Watcher’, but I can’t make stuff happen, that’s ‘Fate’ and ‘Destiny’. I’ll tell you the story of these six children and how their story started, with their cat Ala.


|Jenna’s POV|


“I found her!” I heard Gwen coming from the kitchen. I ran down stairs and saw Gwen holding Ala.

“Should we put out food for her?” I asked Gwen.

“Yeah,” Gwen went into the kitchen. “Did you finish your homework for school yet?”

“No, not yet.” Ala was playing with some yarn.

“Then why don’t you finish it?” She walked out and set the food bowl and water near Ala’s bed.

“It’s due on Monday, so I have plenty of time.” Gwen looked at me and laughed.

“Tomorrow is Monday.”

“What! How come no one told me?” She was back in the kitchen, probably making herself a sandwich.

“What’s your homework, Jenna?” she asked.

“I just have to read to someone for thirty minutes and that’s it,” I replied. “Can I read to you?”

“I’m making a sandwich so when I eat it I won’t hear you over the wonderful taste of it!”

I rolled my eyes and looked at the time. It was almost five so Alice would be back from her friend’s house. Anthony would be doing his homework also and Greg is busy doing whatever he is in his room.

I got up and grabbed my book from the table that I left on Friday. Now I have to try and look for Matthew.

His room, not there. I knocked on the bathroom, not there. Greg’s room, just Greg. Basement, we don’t have one. Anthony’s room, lost and lots of books. The closet downstairs, I got hit with a shoe box on my head, and then the kitchen. Just Gwen eating her sandwich.

I sat back down on the couch in the living room where I first started. The door opened.

“I’m home!” Alice took off her shoes and tossed her jacket on the couch.

“Alice can I read my book to you for homework?”

“Sure, Jenna. After when I finish making dinner.”

“Gwen already made a sandwich!” Alice was already into the kitchen.

“For myself!” she said.

I laid on the couch with a thump. The front door opened and Dad came in which was unusual because he would come home around twelve in the morning.

“I’m home! Hey Jenna.”

“Hi Dad, why are you home early?” He took off his shoes and placed his jacket on the hook.

“Mr. Griffon would be taking the night shift for today and tomorrow.” He walked into his study. That place is forbidden, well it’s not really forbidden we just don’t know what is in there. Mom would walk in there sometimes to wake Dad up, but that was years ago. I still remember her telling us to not go in there. Only Matthew and Alice seen the study when it was being remodeled.

Ala finished eating when I was reading to Alice while she was making dinner. Dad signed the paper that I read and I called the others to eat. We had a somewhat normal family dinner conversation about cats, ponies, cases, work, friends, school, and more work. We then ended it with a good laugh of pony jokes.

“Why did the horse cross the road?” I asked them. They looked at each other and then back at me. I swallowed my mouth full of spaghetti and said. “Because somebody shouted hay!” We laughed again and started cleaning up.


Such a heartfelt start right? Well, next time I’ll continue the story when I come back.



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