The Other Side Of You

When Liam Payne, the school badboy, falls in love with Alexis Carpenter, the new girl, his life starts to get shaken up. He is constantly forgetting she is already taken, but when it finally gets into his head it is no longer true. He begins to let her see the other side of him, the sweet and caring side. The side no one has ever seen before.


1. Introduction


Heads turned as the blonde haired girl stepped out of the sleek black car. She slung a bag over her shoulder and blew a small kiss to whoever was sat in the drivers seat. She slammed the door as the car pulled away and then turned her head towards the staring pupils of Broadlands Senior School. She adjusted her hair, making sure the red, dip-dyed ends were visible before slowly making her way into the building.

As she walked along the corridors, she received death glares from numerous girls, indicating she had already made am impression. Just what she want. She wanted people to know who she was, and so far it was working. She turned a corner into the main foyer and walked up the wooden desk, not even looking twice and the tall boy leaning at one end. She cleared her throat and spoke up

"My names Alexis Carpenter. Can I have my timetable?" The lady raised her head to take in the new girl. At the same time so slide a piece of paper in front of her.

"Here you go. Mr Payne here will be looking after you whilst you settle in here, won't you Liam?" She said sternly to the boy at the end the desk. He just grunted and put his arm over the girls shoulder.

"The names Liam, and you are?"

"Lexi and it looks like I'm in luck." She smirked. He returned the cheeky smile and pulled her away from the desk, already certain he had her in the bag.

As Lexi followed Liam around the school she took in his appearance. About 5 foot 11 inches. Short brown hair in a quiff. Backwards snapback with the quiff poking through the hole. A bit of stubble on his prominent jawline. A white low cut tank top showing off his tanned muscles. Black skinny jeans with a rip on one knee. Black leather jacket showing off his broad shoulders.

She ended up not paying much attention to Liam's very opinionated guided tour, but instead had her eyes on Liam. She knew it was wrong, deep down inside somewhere in her brain was trying to remind her of the boyfriend she had left behind. It was exactly left behind, she still lived in the same town, just a different school. But when her eyes lay on Liam, she couldn't help but fantasize about him. She could almost feel his breath against hers, the imaginations were so vivid. But her fantasies were soon banished my Liam's voice bringing her back to reality.

"And here is our tutor room full of all the twats that are called out tutor" He said as they entered the classroom. Again heads turned to take in the new girl, everyone trying to work her out. "Ok guys this is Lexi. She's mine so keep you skanky hands off her." Liam glared at the various boys eying her up then dragged her to where his desk was. He patted the seat next to him as he sat down. Instead of doing what he said, Lexi pushed herself onto the table in front of him and dropped her bag on the seat.

"So, tell me about yourself?" Liam smirked at her. She leaned forwards, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

"What do you want to know?" She whispered in his ear.

"Anything and everything."

Hey there,

So here is the introduction to The Other Side Of You. I've had it planned for quite a while now and have been trying to write as much as possible. It's taken some time, but it is now here. So enjoy...

Annabel x

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