daddy's not gonna be happy !

This story is about Harry Styles sister (he has another sister in this fan fiction) Harry is more like a father than a brother to his sister but he warns her not to fall in love with one of the band members but when she falls for one of the boys harry is cross!


3. the day from hell !



just to let you know before you read all this you need to read my new one because this is the old one its called harry's not gonna be happy sorry about this guys forgive me




When I woke up this morning it was 10:00 the boys had a training session at the gym with their personal trainer at 12:30.I grabbed my dressing gown of the back of the door and went down stairs, as I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Liam in the living room, I sat down next to him.

"so you basically have a free day other than the gym so what you doing all day then ?"I asked

"well how's about me you Eleanor Perrie and the rest of the boys go out tonight ?"he suggested

"yeah I will ask Perrie and Eleanor and we will ask the boys later on !"I said

As we watched the TV I snuggled up onto Liam's chest he put his arm around me and held me, I heard one of the boys come down the stairs so I sat up just incase it was Harry I didn't want him to get the wrong idea so I just smiled at Liam.

"hello!" Louis bellowed down the stairs

"you can tell when Louis's around!" I whispered to Liam. We both just laughed !

"So Louis do you want to come out with us tonight ?" Liam asked

"us ?" Louis questioned pulling a silly face

"me Liam Perrie and Eleanor so far !" I said

"yer i'll come !"he said

I needed an outfit for tonight so I rand Perrie and El (Eleanor) to see if they wanted to come shopping. Perrie couldn't because she was recording a new song but Eleanor came. I ran up stairs to get dressed I looked in my wardrobe I picked a pair of white ripped skinny jeans some orange high heels and an orange blouse and lightly curled my hair. In 10 minutes there was a knock at the door, It was Eleanor she looked stunning! Louis let her in and gave her a big kiss.

just as we were about to leave I gave all the boys a cuddle and Liam a kiss an the cheek. Liam smiled and I winked back ! We got into El's white range drover and went into town.i picked out some sparkly purple heals with with a purple and black dress showing some cleavage! we went to costa to get  coffee.

"so how's things with you and Lou ?" I asked her

"I don't see him all that much now !" she said

after the coffee we decided to get back the boys where probably already back!

~skipping car journey ~

when we got back it was 2:30 and I sat with Liam Niall Harry and Zayn while El talked to Lou . When we got back I took my dress shoes and bag upstairs and Liam followed me up.

"get anything nice !"he said sitting on my bed. I showed him what I got. I always feel a special connection with me and Liam compared to with the other boys.

~skipping to 6:00~

I was getting ready with El in my room I did her make up and she did my nails we did our hairs and put our dresses on. I we went down stairs and the boys where sitting on the couch waiting with Perrie also. As all the boys went out the door I waited with Liam!

"you look absolutely stunning !"he said

"don't look to bad yourself !" I said grinning

me Liam Perrie and Zayn where in the fist taxi and Louis Eleanor Harry and Niall in the next !Paul dropped us of in London so we could find a few clubs of our own. The boys kept getting spotted and they stopped to take photos a couple of times but we finally got to the club. We went inside Zayn got the first round and we all took some shots. 20 minutes later we where all drunk me Liam and Harry where really bad. After an hour we went to a new club and got some more drink's I was stood dancing with Niall he was like my best friend I guess.


I saw Liam kissing some blonde chick I couldn't help it I loved him Harry was right I burst out into tears and ran into the toilets. Perrie must of saw me  because she followed me in !

"what's up chick !" she asked in a sweet voice. I knew I had to tell her !

"Liam he's kissing some blonde cow and I love him I know I shouldn't but I cant help it!" I said

she leant over and gave me a hug she texted El and told her we where going back!

we ordered a cab we  couldn't face Paul right now. When we arrived Perrie had to go I ran upstairs sat on my bed and cried I went down to the kitchen got a knife and cut my wrists and my waist.I cut them really deep and I was pouring with blood I got a glass of water and I fainted.

~the next morning~

"you okay honey!" Perrie said

"are you okay!" I then heard Louis say

I opened my eyes..i was in hospital!

"thank god your okay we where so worried don't ever do anything like this again!" harry said

"can I talk to Liam private !" I said struggling to speak

"are you sure!" Perrie said

"yeah!"i said

"don't do any thing stupid "Perrie whispered as she leaned over to hug me !

"why did you do this babe !" Liam asked with a tear in his eye!

"because I love you but your snogging that stupid slut!" I said with anger

"I so sorry I never new you felt like this you should of said and she came onto me I tried to push her away and we were both drunk im so sorry .. do you want me to go !"he said

"promise!" I said hopefully

"promise !"he said

he leaned over and hugged me his arms where so soft and he was so gentle!

" I love you !" he whispered

" I love you too !" I replied

everyone came in with the nurse.

"when can I get out ?" I asked

"anytime weve run tests and your fine your arms will be a bit sore tho!" the nurse said

I was week so Liam got a pushchair and wheeled me out of the hospital he lifted me into the car and Lou took the wheel chair back! when we got back Liam carried me upstairs and put me on my bed he laid down next to me and cuddled me he kissed me on the lips and I fell asleep.i woke up in Liam's arms I felt much better!

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