daddy's not gonna be happy !

This story is about Harry Styles sister (he has another sister in this fan fiction) Harry is more like a father than a brother to his sister but he warns her not to fall in love with one of the band members but when she falls for one of the boys harry is cross!


2. a day to remember !




just to let you know before you read all this you need to read my new one because this is the old one its called harry's not gonna be happy sorry about this guys forgive me





beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

I turned my alarm off and looked at my clock 5:30 the reason we (me Liam Louis Niall Harry and Zayn )where up so early because we had to get to the taxi we where going to do some more work on the one direction perfume: our moment  , but first we had to get to the studio. I got up and walked into the shower ,in the en-suit , to wake me up.I stood there letting the water run down my body before washing my hair and body. Once I got out I put my light brown hair in a messy bun put some denim shorts my pink vans and a pink top! I did my make-up and then shouted the boys. I walked to Liam's room and knocked on the door !

" Liam its me are you ready!"  I asked

"yeah come in !" he replied As I walked through the door he just put his top on!

"woah you look beautiful! "he said

 " thank you  !" I said blushing

As I went downstairs Liam made sure the rest of the boys where ready Liam was very helpful! 5 minutes later all the boys came downstairs. I turned off the TV and got my bag.

"all ready boys?" I asked

"all ready !" Zayn said. The boys had just put anything on because they got re-styled by me and the other stylists later.

when we walked out the back door, so that they weren't as many/or at all pap's we quickly got into the taxi I was sat in between Liam and Harry. We weren't at the studio that long just an hour we got back into the taxi and we were soon at the next studio where the boys where doing some work on the perfume! It was 3:00 when they had finished and we just went back to the house!

"im hungry!" Niall said

"shall we order a pizza when we get back home?" I suggested

"yes!!!" Louis shouted  enthusiastically

"sorted then !" I replied

"lets watch a movie too!" Harry said

"toy storeyyy!" Liam shouted

"SCAREY FILM !"Zayn shouted

"lets have a vote !  toy storey .....2....scary film ....4 .. sorry Liam!" I said 

When we got back too the house I ordered the pizza and harry sorted out the film we got some blankets and I sat with Niall, Liam and Harry and Zayn and Louis sat together. I made some hot chocolate and went to get the pizza and we all sat down to watch the film. After the film the boys all went up to their rooms I stayed down stairs and watched some telly. After half an hour the Liam ,Harry and Niall all creeped down the stairs  the hid behind the couch and when I was not expecting it they jumped out at me I screamed!

"harry I shit myself!" I moaned

they all laughed! Liam Harry and Niall stayed downstairs and watched TV with me.



(hope this chapter was better what did you's think)







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