I Want Crazy (Hunter Hayes)

City girl. Country Boy. Could it ever work?


7. Chapter 6- News Travels Fast

"It's too early!" Savannah pleaded. She opened one eye and peered at her clock. 5a.m. "The suns not even up" She whined. Between her mom yelling from the other room and the rooster cock-a-doodling, there was no way she was getting any more sleep. Still half asleep she stumbled around the boxes and walked into her mom's room. "I need something to wear if I'm going to help"

"You can look through my closet" her mom said. She was dressed in jeans and an old tee-shirt. Savannah didn't even know she had those. "You sure came in late last night. Did you have fun on your date"

"Oh my gosh. It’s too early to talk about that. And it was not a date! Lynette was the one who set it up." Savannah tried defending herself. The last thing she needed was her mom trying to butt into her love life, not that she had one. She couldn't believe it had come to this. She grabbed some old raggedy clothes and headed back to her room. This was not going to be a good morning. She changed into the awful clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. If anyone back home saw her like that, she would be the social outcast for the rest of her life. She combed her hair into a pony tail and walked down the stairs.

"Sav stop worrying about your clothes. You can go shopping today and get your own."

"Oh yeah mom in what car? We both can't drive."

"Actually I can drive and I bought a car. It should be here soon." Her mom said. "Breakfast is on the table. Eat quickly so we can get to work" her mom clapped her hands together.
Savannah grabbed her journal and began writing in it as she ate her breakfast.

August 15th, 2012
Dear Diary,
You wouldn't believe what time it is right now. It's 5:30am! I was up at the crack of dawn this morning. Trust me, it was not my idea. I couldn't believe I had to work on a farm. Feeding the goats, cows and pigs. Mark my words, I would not milk a cow. That was where I draw the line. You can dress me in hideous clothes and make me work on a farm but, there was no way I am going to milk a cow.

She put down her pen and closed her journal after she finished eating. She walked out back and looked for her mom. Once she located her in the pigsty she asked her mom, "So do you actually know what you're doing?" The awful odor had her holding her breath for as long as she could. She stood there holding her nose as her mom answered her.

"Actually it just so happens that I used to work on a farm"

"What?! How did I not know about this"

Her mom began to answer, "Well, I've told you before but you always seems to zone out when I say when I was a teenager-" but, before she knew it Savannah had a blank stare on her face. Amelia knew she had zoned out, just like she did every time her mom started a sentence with when I was a teenager. Amelia tried to regain Savannah's attention. "Sav? Savannah!"

"Huh what?" Savannah said clueless.

"See you did it again" her mom said.

"Sorry. I heard you say you worked on a farm before. When was that?"

"Well my parents thought that in my years as a teenager I should learn a good work ethic, since I was practically handed everything growing up. So during the summer for a month we came here to Nashville and worked on some long distant relative’s farm" her mother said finishing her story. "And this house is actually the one I lived at during my stay."

"Wow. That's why this place is so special for you. It’s part of your childhood. I can't believe I didn't know that. So, that's why you're perfectly fine pretending to impress my father. Because, you really aren't pretending. Deep down you actually like working on a farm" Savannah said impressed she had figured out the truth.

"Yes, it’s true. But, I also wanted you to come because I want the same thing my parents wanted for me. I know you love your life back in New York, but I wanted you to see that there is more in life than just designer. That people actually do work and struggle to make a living. I didn't want you to take things for granted anymore."

Savannah realized what her mom said was true. She had taken so many things for granted. "I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry for all the stupid things I've done in the past. Can we just start fresh?"
"Of course sweetie. To a new life" Amelia said glad that she had finally gotten through to her daughter.
Savannah began helping her mom and thought she finally was getting the hang of things. As she was feeding the pigs a familiar laugh rang in her ears.


Savannah did not want anyone to see her in these clothes. But, sure enough Hunter was standing right behind her laughing. She turned around and saw him with a devious smile on his face. "Nice clothes" he said looking her up and down. It did give him a chance to check her out appropriately.

"Shut up" Savannah said. "I really didn't want you to see me in this"

"Well, I think we need a picture of this. Sav in jeans and a tee-shirt." He said pulling out his phone and snapping a photo.

"Stop! You better delete that!" She whined trying to grab the phone out of his hands. His phone was glued to his hands and she couldn't pry it away. "I can't believe you just took that"

"I can" he laughed. "You will thank me later" he smiled.

"Mmhmm, sure I will." she said giving up and letting him have the satisfaction. "So why are you here anyways?"

"Well I wanted to see if you were going to be wearing a designer dress out here or if you would finally let go and wear something else"

"No seriously"

"Okay my mom wanted me to make sure you ladies could handle yourselves with the farm. But, it looks like you have everything under control"

"Hi Hunter. That's very sweet of you to get up this early to check on us" Amelia said. She walked off to the barn to leave them alone.

"Yeah, thanks" Savannah said. "But, I think we all know the real reason you came was to see me again" she joked.

He laughed. But, deep down Hunter knew that there was some truth to it. After such a nice conversation with a somewhat normal girl, he wouldn't just give that up for no reason. Savannah definitely wasn't just talking to him for the fame or fortune. And he actually did think she looked good in what she was wearing whether it was designer or not.

"I think I'm almost done here, if you want to go do something today" Savannah said hopeful.

"Yeah, I just need to shower and get ready but I can swing by in about an hour if that's enough time for you"

"I think it will be" Savannah said. She watched as he walked down the road back to his house. As soon as he was out of hearing distance, she ran to her mother and asked if she could be done for the morning. She needed enough time to shower and get ready for today's events.
Hunter just stopped by our house. He said he wanted to check on us to make sure everything was going okay with the farm. That was so sweet of him. He really is a great guy.

Before Savannah could finish her journal entry she heard a loud beep come from her computer. She opened up the screen and in the corner it said one new message from Madison.

She opened the window and began to read.

I can't believe you made the paper! Not to mention all the other websites that your picture is posted on. You better call me ASAP! P.S. who is the cute guy with you?

Savannah thought, how does Madison know anything about Hunter? She saw that there was an attachment. She clicked on it and read the article from The Blaze- a New York tabloid that mainly featured Manhattan's elite teens.

Country music's new artist of the year, Hunter Hayes, was seen with local prodigy Savannah Belmont. All we can speculate is an intimate meal shared at The Well Coffeehouse in Nashville, Tennessee. While Hunter was seen signing autographs, Savannah sat in the booth scarfing down a sandwich. The real question is: what is Savannah doing in Nashville? Could she have skipped town after the incident with Nicholas Miller?

Savannah could believe her eyes. How did those photo's already make it to New York? Everyone now knew she was here in Nashville. She believed her life was over. But, the biggest problem Savannah saw in the article was Nicholas Miller.

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