I Want Crazy (Hunter Hayes)

City girl. Country Boy. Could it ever work?


6. Chapter 5- A Little Coffee Shop

They pulled up into the parking lot of the coffee shop. It was a nice small building that looked cozy inside.

"So I take it you enjoy this place?" Savannah said more as a statement than a question.

"Yeah, I used to come here every week. But, I haven't been back since I've been on the road."

Savannah eyed the decor. She guessed he like it because it had that southern charm that he was raised in. She looked up at the menu and ordered a small meal. Just as she was about to pull out her wallet Hunter spoke. "Its fine Sav, I've got it."

"You sure? Because really it's fine" she said perfectly able to pay for her own food.

"No, I got it. Don't worry." he said to her. He turned back to the cashier, "I'll take a large cup of black coffee."

Savannah sighed, "Okay but only if you let me get it next time"

"Who says there will be a next time?" he said laughing. "Nah I'm just kidding. I like hanging out with you. You're surprisingly normal considering you now know who I am."

"Yeah, but, honestly I didn't know who you were until today." Savannah told him sort of nervously. Why was she nervous all the sudden? Hanging out with him had been so normal up until now. Maybe because it was starting to feel like a date. No, it's not a date, Savannah told herself.

They went and sat down in a corner booth. She wasn't quite sure what he was doing but, she assumed he was trying to avoid the public eye. "Do you just drink your coffee black?" she asked starting the small talk. The conversation in the car was a lot heavier than she would have normally gotten into with a stranger. So lightening the mood in the coffee shop sounded perfect.

"Oh yeah, I drink at least a cup a day. Usually more. Do you drink coffee or is it tea?"

"Definitely coffee for me. But not black. I always add sugar to make it sweet."

Hunter gazed around the place taking in the familiar scenery. Just like he remember. Except for the new staff on duty. He didn't recognize them. Savannah watched him as he looked around. She noticed on one wall a poster of Hunter's cd cover. He must have noticed her looking at it.

"I used to sit here in this booth writing songs that are on that album" he said shyly.

"I would really like to hear it sometime" Savannah said.

Hunter was not shy about his music. He was shy about having people listen to it while he was in the room. "Of course." he said.

They continued their conversation while waiting for their food. The cashier stood their staring at Hunter. It finally clicked. She looked at him and then at the poster. She almost dropped their food while walking over to them. "You're Hunter Hayes!" She screamed. She looked to be around Savannah's age.

"Keep it down" Hunter said trying not to be seen.

"Oh sorry." she said but, that didn't help the fact that there were already a mob of people coming their way. The papas were already notified and they came in lightning fast.

"Is it usually this crazy?" Savannah asked. At all the galas and formal black and white tie parties she went to there were always photographers snapping pictures but, they were highly professional and gave everyone their personal space. This was definitely different.

"Well, I haven't really been home much since the first album, but everywhere else. Yeah, sometimes it can be crazy." He said as he signed some autographs for some younger age teens.

Savannah tried to scarf down her food as quickly as she could. But, it looked like Hunter had things under control. A little girl walked up to him and he picked her up. She clung to his neck and began whispering to him. Savannah could tell he was good with kids.

After she finally finished her food, they ran out to his car avoiding the papas. Hunter was perfectly fine meeting and greeting the fans but, it was the papas that he tried to avoid. He didn't like the fact that there whole mission was to find dirt on celebrities and publish it for money. Luckily the crowed died down a bit, probably because they got about a million pictures already. Savannah hopped in the passenger's seat as he revved the engine. She looked out the window, watching as they disappeared into the darkness.

"Sorry that was crazy. I wasn't expecting that" Hunter apologized.

"Its fine, like you said you had no idea" Savannah said. She sat there looking at the radio trying to figure out how to turn it on. She found the on switch and flipped it.

Next up Nashville's own Hunter Hayes with his first hit single Storm Warning. The radio blared.

"Looks like I get to hear one of your songs." Savannah cheered. She was actually quite excited to hear it.

She rolled in from the west in a summer sun dress
Hotter than the heat in July
With her wind blown hair it just wasn't fair
The way she was blowin' my mind
Have you ever noticed every hurricane
Gets it's name from a girl like this?
She's a cat 5 kind keeps you up at night
Hangin' on to the end of a kiss

She looked over at Hunter and he was turning red in the cheeks. It was cute.

"So do you... ugh… like it?" he asked her nervously.

"No, I love it! The music is pure genius and your vocals are amazing." Savannah exclaimed.

Hunter was surprised by how much she knew about music, even if she wasn't a country music fan. "I can see you're staring" Hunter said looking at her for only a split second before returning his gaze to the road.

"I was just thinking" she said still listening to the music.

I'm gonna wish I had a storm warnin'
I'm gonna wish I had a sign
I'm gonna wish I had a little heads up
A little leeway, a little more time
Some kind of radar system
Locked in on love
I got a feelin' by the time the night finds the mornin'
I'm gonna wish I had a storm warnin'

"About what?" He asked.

"This is kind of random but, when did you learn to drive?"

"15 I think" he said. "Why?"

"Well, I've never driven before" Savannah confessed. It was true. She never once got behind the wheel back in Manhattan. Her mom believed it wasn't safe for her to drive in all the New York commotion. That was probably true, but Savannah wanted the freedom to be able to drive where ever and whenever she pleased. Sure she could get Colton to take her but, she imagined that driving would be amazing.

"Seriously? How do you get around?" He asked pausing for a moment before answering his own question. "Let me guess, private driver? Was that who Colton was?"

Savannah laughed trying to brush it off even though it was the truth. "Guilty. But, I really do want to learn how to drive. My mom wouldn't let me back in Manhattan because of all the craziness in the city." she decided to add.

"Well, I could teach you sometime if you want." Hunter offered.

Hunter dropped Savannah off at her house and then headed to his. He was quite surprised how genuine she seemed but, he was still guarding his heart.

Savannah smiled as she walking in the house. The lights were off so she assumed her mother was upstairs asleep. Once she got ready for bed, she hopped in her bed tucked herself in and pulled out her journal continuing where she left off.

The time I spent with Hunter today made me realize something. Just because there is a certain stereotype for everyone doesn't mean it's true. I was expecting a celebrity who would be more stuck up than me. But, what I got instead was a cute country boy, who happened to fall into the hands of fame. But, he didn't let that go to his head. He tried so hard to avoid the public eye yet, he was so kind to his fans. He brought out a new side to me. I was able to be real and not have to tell little white lies to progress my popularity. He could care less about that stuff. I am truly blessed to have met a guy like Hunter. I could tell we were going to be good friends.

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