I Want Crazy (Hunter Hayes)

City girl. Country Boy. Could it ever work?


4. Chapter 3- Meeting

"Sav" Amelia called catching her off guard. "The truck should be here in about 20 minutes."

Savannah sighed. She thought about checking out the rest of the house to pass the time. She walked down the hall into her mother’s room. It was empty except for the basic furniture in place. Attached to her master suit was her own private bathroom. The other three rooms on the floor shared the second bathroom on the upper level, but luckily for Savannah, she wasn't going to have to share it. She continued her own personal tour by making her decent down the stairs. She breezed past the foyer and headed into the living room. It was a pleasant size, not as big as back home nevertheless, it would do. Next the kitchen. Savannah was actually very fond of the kitchen. As opposed to many New Yorker's, Savannah and her mom actually loved to cook dinners. They didn't need to hire their own personal chef for that. The kitchen was grand. She now realized why her mom had decided on this place. She knew that this would be the place they both spent the most amount of time in. Well, that and her balcony, just like at home. Sure the outside of the house wasn't as pleasant as she would have liked but Savannah was already opening her heart to a new home. The dining room seemed unimportant as did the rest of the house, after she saw the magnificent kitchen. After all, she did have all year to explore the depths of this house.

"Mom, can you run- Holy frack, what the heck are you wearing!" Savannah screamed at the sight of her mom in jean shorts and a button up.

"Calm down Savannah. I told you things were going to be different. You should have taken up my offer to buy suitable clothes before we left."

"Yeah right mom, I wouldn't be caught dead shopping at a store where ever you get those." she pointed out.

"We'll these are my working clothes. So if you're happy ruining your designer clothes I bought you, then so be it. Now what were you going to ask?"

"Ughh." Savannah paused trying to regain her thoughts from before she was distracted with her mom’s fashion disaster. "Oh yeah, can you go to the store real quick and pick up some food?"

"Colton is on his way. But, don't get too use to him being around. He's going to leave and head back to Manhattan for the rest of the year."

"Umm excuse me mom?!?" Savannah screamed. "We're going to die! Die I tell you. First the clothes and now Colton. How are we going to get around?"

"We're going to be just fine sweetie. Now the truck is here. So come help me unload it."

Savannah walked back outside to the musty smell of the country side. "Why can't the truck people do it? That's what they're here for. You seriously expect me to pick up those boxes. As if. I don't want to break a nail."

"Savannah Grace Belmont you better get-"

"Your butt out here and help unload these boxes" Savannah mimicked her mom's voice. "I was just kidding. Calm down."

"Sorry, it's just, I want everything to be perfect."

"For what?" Savannah asked.

"I don't know. I just... I don't know when I'll run into your dad and I don't want to be stressed out about the house. I just want to be able to be relaxed and be able to bring him over if the opportunity presents itself."

"Oh I see" Savannah snickered knowing what her mom really meant.

Savannah climbed in the back of the truck and starting pulling out boxes. She located the ones with her name on it and put them aside. They finally unloaded the last of the boxes from the truck, but the work was just beginning. All the boxes were moved from the truck to the drive way- not much progress was made. Now they had to actually take them inside. That was where the truck driver's services ended. He hopped in his truck and pulled out of the driveway.

All the walking around was killing Savannah's feet. She decided that as soon as she found her shoe box, she was changing out of the heels she was wearing and into something more suitable. And her dress for that matter. She walked over to her pile and picked up a large box. She couldn't even see in front of herself so she was going to have to trust herself not to fall.

She started to stumble and the box wobbled in her hands. Before she knew it someone had taken the box from her.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked realizing it wasn't her mother.

He laughed.

"What's so funny?" she asked still not able to see who it was. It finally clicked. It was probably Hunter, whoever that was.


"Okay well if you think that's so funny, have fun carrying the box up the steps."

"Well you're going to have to give me directions?" he asked. Savannah agreed and grabbed a smaller, less heavy box and followed him into the house telling him where to go.

She still didn't get a good look at his face. But, obviously he was short, considering he too couldn't be see over the box while he was holding it. He was wearing greyish-black skinny jeans and a white tee-shirt with a baseball cap to top it all off. It definitely wasn't what she was expecting. Then again it is the country so the image she was imagining seemed infallible. She was picturing a Channing Tatum sort of Celebrity. But, she still hadn't actually seen him yet.

"Here is good" she said as they entered her room. They both set down the boxes they were carrying. And now was the moment of truth.

She looked up to see a rather handsome guy standing there. Sure, he was no Channing Tatum but, he wasn't bad looking either. Not what she pictured at all. His blonde hair seemed to sit perfectly on his head in a messy sort of way. He smiled at her. He had a great smile. One she wasn't going to forget. His blue eyes were looking straight into her brown ones. He looked more like he was supposed to be a member of the boy band One Direction, not a country singer. He was way more modern than old fashion cow boy which was what she was picturing.

"Thanks. You must be Hunter, I'm Savannah but, I go by Sav. Your mom came by earlier and said she would send you over" She said. Savannah started to blush knowing she sounded stupid. Then again what did she care? Sure, there was a good looking guy standing in her room, who was apparently famous but that didn't change anything. She didn't want to get attached to someone, since she was only going to be here a year and was on a specific mission. She thought to herself, "I did not come here to fall in love and have some fling that would be over as soon as I moved back to the city."

"Nice to meet you Savannah, I mean Sav." He said taking her hand in a firm but friendly handshake.

Hunter thought Savannah was beautiful, just like most people did. It wasn't even possible to find anyone who would say she had an ugly bone in her body. But, that didn't change the fact that he saw her as a rich girl who was probably stuck up and cared more about her clothes and looks than anything else. Hunter wasn't looking to be sucked into the "elite" world and he wasn't really even looking for a girlfriend. Plus, he could count Savannah out. Sure she was dressed in nice designer clothes, but he already tried the whole dating thing with someone who seemed to be a lot like Savannah. And let’s just say, that didn't work out.

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