I Want Crazy (Hunter Hayes)

City girl. Country Boy. Could it ever work?


3. Chapter 2- We've Arrived

*The Next Day
"Ms. Belmont we are just minutes away from your new home" Colton, the driver, said waking both Savannah and Amelia up. They had driven through the night to make an early arrival to their new home. The 13 hours just in the car alone- not to mention the numerous stops- had Savannah exhausted. She sat up and looked in the mirror making sure her appearance was okay. Her brunette hair was still perfectly in the small ringlets, as always. Nervous about what her new home was going to look like, she rolled down the window to take a peek. After taking one whiff, she knew it was going to be a long year. It's definitely not Manhattan she thought. She poked her head out of the window and to her surprise she was greeted by a bunch of paparazzi's. "What are they doing here?" she practically yelled. Back in New York, Savannah had gotten used to the constant photographers snapping her photos at parties. But, she was definitely not expecting them to be here.

"Wait that's not Hunter" One of them scream over the crowd.

"It's just some girl." Another one said.

"Just some girl? Yeah right, I'm one of a kind. I'm Savannah Belmont" She spoke under her breath as they began to disperse. She quickly rolled up her window. Not just the papas were getting to her but the smell wasn't helping. She saw the house in front of her and asked "Is that our house?"

"Actually, that's the neighbor's house, that one is ours." Her mom said pointing at the house farther down the road. She looked at it and saw it was an unpleasant yellow, medium size house. It was nothing like the one back home. At least it had a wraparound porch and balcony. Plus a lot of land. Except with that land came animals. Lots of stinky animals. They were pretty secluded out here. There wasn't much but the lush green ground and some tree spread out. Other than their new house and the one across the way, there were no other houses in sight. Savannah thought about what her mom said earlier. Was it possible that she actually lived by a celebrity? Why else would there be paparazzi's in the middle of nowhere? Despite the ugly color house, living by a celebrity was not in the plans, but it would have to service.

As the limo halted to a stop, Savannah took a deep breath in and opened the door. She was just about to walk inside until she saw a figure emerging.

"I guess we get to meet the neighbor now" Savannah said to her mom. She took one look at her and thought that she couldn't possibly be someone famous. Well there went that dream.

"Sav, be nice" Amelia warned, as if she knew what Savannah was thinking.

"Hello, you must be the new neighbors." She said pointing out the obvious. "My name is Lynette.
My husband’s name is Leo, he should be here later tonight."

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Amelia and this is my daughter Savannah"

"What's with the papas? Do they come often?" Savannah asked rudely. More for her sanity than pure curiosity.

"No, but they heard my son was on his way home today, and I guess with the limo they thought it was him. Quite a classy ride for out here in the country side." Lynette commented.

Savannah's mom looked at her again knowing her daughter all too well. Savannah decided to keep her mouth shut. That answered her question as to who Hunter was, not that she cared.
Savannah looked at Lynette as she began to speak again. Savannah decided she should probably give her a chance, after all they were going to be next door neighbors for the next year.

"Savannah how old are you?" Lynette asked.

"Eighteen, almost nineteen in September" Savannah said trying to sound interested.

"Oh, my son is almost twenty-one. Maybe if you're not busy later he can show you around."

Lynette said. "The summer nights here are beautiful and the perfect temperature. I just love sitting outside on the front porch and listening all the different sounds."

"Oh that would be lovely" Amelia cheered. "Wouldn't it Sav?"

"Ummm yeah" Savannah said putting on a fake smile.

"Perfect." Lynette trilled. She was just about to turn and leave but she opened her mouth one more time, "When Hunter gets here, I'll send him over"

Savannah watched as Lynette walked down the path and headed back to her house. She looked at her mom with the ‘I'm going to kill you face’.

But, her mother look right back and warned, "Sav, you better give this boy a chance."

"Oh of course I will mother, after all he is famous" She said deviously, pivoting around and walking into the house.

August 14th, 2012
Dear Diary,
Today I met the new neighbor. Well, one of the new neighbors. Her name is Lynette. She seemed really kind. And it just so happens that her son is famous. She seems like one of those kind-hearted but strict moms that is there to make sure her son doesn't get sucked into the fame. I guess you could call that sweet.

We just arrived to our new home but, it’s pretty much completely empty except for my new furniture. I sat on the bed when I first got here just to make sure it would be suitable. It was. The rest of our things are supposed to be here in a few hours. But, if you ask me, they usually take longer.

After I met the neighbor and saw the reaction my mom had and I concluded that I was being sort of bitchy. I guess you could say that I get that a lot. I don't mean to be, but that's just how I had to act at school to get things done. I guess it sort of took on a life of its own. Don't get me wrong, I'm not always a total self-centered bitch but, I didn't get much rest and I still wasn't happy about this move. But, I definitely could work on my attitude a bit for my mom's sake. And Lynette was very kind to come and greet us with open arms. And what she said about the summer nights did sound perfect. All that I could hear in Manhattan sitting on my balcony was rushing of cars and the night life. Oh how I'm going to miss the parties back home. But, I guess a break from the city wouldn't be so bad after all. Sure, I was going to miss out on my Ivy League dreams, but college could wait another year. Except that would put me behind everyone who just graduated with me... Luckily for me Vanderbilt University was accepting late applications. My mom agreed to let me skip a year of college if that was what I really wanted to do. And Columbia would still be there next year. So now I get to enjoy my time by attending to our farm. Yeah, that's right I said farm. But, don't get me started, I think we should save that for another time.


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