Farrah Jones is a good girl. She doesn't drink or swear, and has the appropriate number of sweater in her wardrobe. Farrah believes she's finally left behind her dark past, but when she moves away with to a foster home in Stratford, Ontario she meets her new best friend. Her path to a new beginning is challenged by Stratford Central Secondary School's Walking One-Night Stand.

Justin Bieber, lean, cut, and tattoos, is exactly what Farrah wants- and needs- to avoid. He spends his days as the ultimate high school campus charmer. The moment he saw Farrah he saw something. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. He tricks her into his everyday life, but if he wants to keep her in his life, he must overcome his demons and figure out hers.


24. Chapter Twenty-Three


enjoy ;)






                I told Allie the revised plan during lunch the next day…


                “OMG, no way,” She gasped. “You’re going to meet his mom?”


                After thinking for a moment longer, she added, “You know… nobody believes you when you say that you guys are just friends. You have a thing for him whether you want to admit it or not.”


                “Allie!” I exclaimed with fiery cheeks. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”


                I couldn’t cool my cheeks down for the rest of our lunch period. It also didn’t help that Allie had the same smile on her face as her mother had yesterday; they both had that knowing smile. Her stupid grin only fueled the fire. “You have to keep your thoughts to yourself when we’re around him,” I begged.


                “Farrah, I would never say anything about how you feel about him in his presence.” She said.


                “How you think I feel about him,” I corrected her. But I couldn’t argue my point beyond that. “Luke doesn’t like the idea of you two being together…” Allie sighed. “Yeah, I know.” I back in the blue plastic chair.


                “He thinks you guys are like fire and water. You guys don’t mix, but I totally disagree.” She sipped on her water. “I just think that if you like him, you should pursue him. He likes you with Collin, even though he hates Collin’s guts.”


                “Hmm,” I hummed.


                "Basketball practice starts next week..." Allie said, changing the subject.






                "ew," I laughed.


                "They're not that bad." She said.






When I walked down the hallway with Justin, I couldn’t help but blush a little- especially after that lunch.


                I couldn’t deny how I felt every time I was around Justin. But I was that staying friends with Justin was best, and Collin was what I needed. I knew what was best, right?


                Why had I let Allie get to me? I didn’t have any serious feelings for him, right? There was no way…


                I watched while Justin mindlessly looked to Mr. Holder (our biology teacher)’s review of the current assignment.


                I traced the profile of his straight nose and his distinct cheekbones, down to his chiseled jaw. His perfect lips were separated slightly. His caramel-brown eyes gleamed from Mr. Holder to the pen he was playing with in his hands that he would occasionally use to jot down notes. I followed the tight muscles that extended down his neck, concealed under a blue plaid button-up shirt that hinted at the contours of his chest. I was breathing slowly. I was unable to redirect my eyes. My heart murmured softly in my chest, releasing a tingling that sent goose-bumps along my arm.


                Justin glanced at me, and I quickly turned my head, my cheeks warming. I knew he didn’t know what I was thinking- I didn’t know what I was thinking- bur I didn’t want him to catch me staring.


                What was I thinking?


                My mind flashed images of our time together in my head.


                I finally gave into what I was trying to ignore for the past two months.


                I took a gulp of air as I faced the inevitable truth…


                I was in love with Justin Drew Bieber.







how 'bout that ending tho? short chapter, but holy fuck was that just like SHGREFIU


tell me what you thinkkkkkkkkk


too soon?


what's going to happen?


why does the wind blow?


will she tell justin?


are they gonna become a couple?


i dont know.... you'll just have to read to find out ;P





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