Farrah Jones is a good girl. She doesn't drink or swear, and has the appropriate number of sweater in her wardrobe. Farrah believes she's finally left behind her dark past, but when she moves away with to a foster home in Stratford, Ontario she meets her new best friend. Her path to a new beginning is challenged by Stratford Central Secondary School's Walking One-Night Stand.

Justin Bieber, lean, cut, and tattoos, is exactly what Farrah wants- and needs- to avoid. He spends his days as the ultimate high school campus charmer. The moment he saw Farrah he saw something. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. He tricks her into his everyday life, but if he wants to keep her in his life, he must overcome his demons and figure out hers.


25. Chapter Twenty-Four

                      Part 1                      



               “Get your little booty in here so that we- well, I- can get you ready!” Allie exclaimed from her room. I walked from my still white room into her brightly decorated room, and flopped down onto her bed.


              “What are you going to make me wear tonight?” I asked, skimming through the pages of one of her many gossip magazines that were spread out on her bed. A famous talk show host was on the cover.


               “I’m not sure; I’m thinking something sophisticated, but chic, or something. It has to be comfortable too, because you’re going to Jason’s party afterwards…” She chewed on her bottom lip as she scanned her walk-in closet with pastels, dark, and vibrant clothing filling it- along with her shoes, of course. I never knew one girl could have so many clothes. I directed my attention back to the gossip magazines, and started reading about this one celebrity’s infidelity scandal with a model from New York, while Allie chose what she was going to dress me up in tonight.


                 Allie came back with her clothes and a pair of shoes in her hands. She had a light pink sweater (displayed on the hanger), a black skirt spread along her forearm, and wedges hanging off two fingers. “Here,” She said, “put it on. I’ll be back in a second- seriously, I’ll be gone for, like, a second.” She left her room.


                I threw my shirt off and shorts, and right as I was close to putting on the soft pink sweater when Allie barged in and said, “Put this underneath,” She instructed, throwing a tank top at me. I looked at her questionably, but I still put it on. “Well, it’s supposed to be chilly tonight, and we don’t want to cover up that pretty sweater, so… layers!” I nodded, and yanked the sweater over my head. I put her skirt on next. I still couldn’t believe I fit into her stuff.


                 “Hey, isn’t this the sweater you had me wear to football game… like, in early September?” I studied the plush material.


                 “No, I, um, had to throw that one out- actually I gave it away to Goodwill. That smell of whiskey wouldn’t come out, unfortunately.” Allie sighed.


                 “Sorry,” I said. “Technically, it’s your fault for loaning it to me.” I teased.


                 “Nah...Technically, it’s your fault because you spilled whiskey on it.” She defended back.


                 Technically, it’s Justin’s fault because he bumped into me, and spilled his drink on me.


                 “Okay, whatever.” I rolled my eyes. She punched my arm. “I promise not to let anything happen to this one.”


                                  She ignored my vow, and instead said, “This sweater looks really good on you, Farrah.” She than added, “You should wear more clothes like that. It flatters your body quite well.” I shrugged.


                 “Sit,” She inculcated, setting a chair in front of her brightly lit mirror that was in her bathroom.


                 “Don’t make me look like…”


                 “…some sort of whore.” Allie finished for me, imitating my voice poorly. “I know. Alright let’s do this.” She spun me around so that my back was facing the mirror.


                 After a lot of brushing my face with different types of brushed and pulling and curling my hair, Allie spun me around again. “Thanks,” I said.


                When I stood, a nauseating feeling set in. I sucked in a lot of air. I could do this.


                 A knock on the door was heard, and Allie’s face lit up.


                 “Coming,” Diane’s voice rang.


                 “I have it, mom.” Allie called.


                                  “Jesus, I’m going to kill myself walking down these stairs wearing these!” I said gingerly making my way down every step.


                 “They should be easier to walk in since they’re wedges,” She said.


                 “Sorry. I’ve lived with sneakers or flip-flops all my life.”


                 “Take small steps if you need to,” She advised. Allie opened the front door before I could make it down the last step. I was forced to walk down gracefully in these heeled shoes- something I was bad at. When I finally looked up, I saw that Justin wearing black pants, a white button-down shirt, a black sports jacket and black dress shoes. It was a total flip from what I was used to seeing.


                A smirk grew on his face as he checked me out. My stomach was churning. I silently prayed that nothing would happen, but as my mother used to tell me, you don’t always get what you want even when you pray for it.


                 “Hi,” I said awkwardly. He nodded with that grin still on his face.


                 “So how’d I do? Is she acceptable?” Allie asked.


                 Justin laughed. “She is definitely acceptable.”


                 “You’ve met my mom, Diane.”


                 “Yes I have; pleasure to see you again.”


                 “Have a great time, Farrah,” Diane said, giving me a gentle hug and kiss on the cheek. “You look beautiful.”


                 “Thank you,” I replied, blushing.


                 “I’ll meet you at Jason’s party, okay?” Allie said. I nodded. “See you later; have fun.” She closed the door.


                 “Another pink sweater?” he whispered in my ear as we walked to a black Escalade. I wondered where his Harley Night Rod was. He tried opening the passenger door for me, but I did it myself, waving him off. He got into the driver seat himself.


                 “Yeah; you ruined the last one.”  I said closing the door.


                 “Oh yeah, I ruin a lot of sweaters.” He rolled his eyes in a playful demeanor.


                 “Mm,” I hummed. “How romantic,”


                 “You look good.”  He mused, taking another glance at me before backing out.


                 My heart beat quickened, and my stomach was doing flips. Fuck, what am I thinking?  “Thanks,” I muttered back.


                 “You’re not comfortable are you?”


                 “Not at all,” I admitted with a small laugh. Justin laughed with me releasing the tension.


                 “Well, I’ll try not to torture you too long. Let’s just get this part of the night over with,” He said.


                 It went silent for a little while. “So, why are we driving an Escalade and not ‘the love of your life’?” I said, recalling the same words he said to me when I asked him what kind of motorcycle he rode.


                 “Because my mom would flip if she saw me driving a motorcycle.” He answered. I just nodded. This isn’t a date, I thought. “I know it’s not a date.” Justin laughed. “What?” I looked at him. “You said that this wasn’t a date—I know that.” He shrugged. “I didn’t mean to say that out loud…” I retorted.


                 “I don’t care,” He said. “You’re just coming with me because you said you would.”


                 “I probably sounded like a bitch,” I sighed.


                 “Just a little but,” he teased. “Thanks for helping me with my remorse.” I gave him a dirty look. “You’re welcome.” He winked at me, and holy shit did I freak out on the inside. I didn’t know the heck was happening. He has winked at me millions of times before, but my body didn’t react this way. Is it just because I finally admitted to myself that I liked him?


                 “You okay?” Justin looked at me worried.


                 “Yeah, just a little nervous,” I answered half-truthfully.


                 “Don’t be; they’ll do most of the talking… mostly about themselves.” He paused then added quickly, “Oh and I apologize in advance if my mom calls you my girlfriend. I kept trying to correct her, but she just… she’ll probably call you my girlfriend anyways.”


                 “it’s okay,” I whispered, feeling the fire on my face again.


                 “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas are hosting the party…” Justin proceeded to give me the rundown of the flow of the evening and the expected etiquette.


                 “I’m hoping that I’ll be able to excuse us after dinner. I’ll say we have a show to go to or something. Just agree with whatever I say, okay?”


                 “Okay.” This sounded way more complicated than just eating with a bunch of adults and making mindless conversations. He thanked me again for coming with him.


                 I swallowed hard, realizing I was in over my head. He had just pulled in to the front of the house that was dramatically up lit. It was two stories. The front lawn displayed perfectly trimmed hedges outlining the house.


                 He smiled, and said, “Don’t worry. It’ll be over before you know it.”


                 A man wearing a suit and bow tie whisked the car away, and left us to walk up the marble steps. Waiting for us on the first step was his mother.


                 His mother was sparkling. She was wrapped in a fur coat and adorned with more diamonds than I’d ever seen on one person. She had soft, delicate feature and looked thin and breakable. She clutched a small black handbag that was sealed with more glitz.


                 I took a deep breath before approaching them. I tried my best to smile cordially while I was introduced.


                 “Pattie Mallette, this is—“ Justin began.


                 “Farrah Jones—or should I say Carrasco?” She asked, holding out her hand. “Either one is fine,” I shook her hand. “It’s very nice to meet you.” I said.


                 “Aren’t you lovely?”  Pattie said, looking me over. “I never get to meet Justin’s girlfriends.” I knew it was coming, but my heart still leapt, sending a flicker of heat to my cheeks. “I’ve never had a girlfriend before.” Justin rolled his eyes. His tone was impatient. “Anyways, it was a pleasure to meet you, Farrah. Shall we go in?”


                 We went in, and the inside of the house was just as extravagant as the outside. Evan slipped my coat off and handed it to the formally poised man in a tuxedo.


                 I was too distracted by the grand foyer, with its huge crystal chandelier and expensive stone staircase with a large red carpet running down the center, to notice Justin staring at me. I glanced over at him with a start.


                 “What?!” I was afraid I screwed up already.


                 “That pink sweater is just killing me.”


                 I looked at him with wide eyes, my face flooded with color. “Justin!”


                 He smiled as we followed his mother into a room to right of the foyer. I wasn’t about to admit that seeing him in his dark tailored suit was just as distracting.


                 We entered a large room that equally matched the expensive, glamorous look.


                 “Are you okay?” Justin asked as my unblinking eyes scanned the room.


                 “Sure,” I replied, slowly, nodding my head.


                 This was just the beginning of the night, but I already wanted it to be over. I was introduced to more people throughout the night as the same person only when Pattie was introducing me around. They all knew me as Justin’s girlfriend. He held my hand, maneuvering me around everyone. There was one person I just wouldn’t forget.


                 “Hey, Jay,” A female voice squealed.  I was watched as a stunning girl with long, wavy strawberry blonde hair saunter towards us, a black strapless cocktail dress hugging her figure. She slung her arms around his neck and gave him a pretty friendly hug with a quick peck on his mouth. He released my hand to return the embrace. I became an invisible witness to this intimate greeting, holding my hands in front of me, preferring to look at the ground.


                 “Uh, hey, Carly,” Justin said, pulling away from the hold. I just stood there, trying my best to not walk away so that I wouldn’t be so awkward.


                 “How are you?” She said, biting her lip while twirling one of her curls around her finger.


                 “Um, good; thanks for asking.” Justin said, grabbing my hand. Carly’s eyes started at his shoulders then down his arm and down to our hands. Her eyes widened. I looked down, suddenly finding the marble floor interesting as I tried to not make eye contact with Carly. Justin cleared his throat, and said, “Oh, this is Farrah. We go to school together.” She turned to me with a start, oblivious to my presence until Justin mentioned me.


                 “Nice to meet you,” She acknowledged with the slightest nod.


                 “Carly’s parents are hosting the party,” Justin explained, obviously trying to make up for Carly’s disinterest in me. “Oh, um, your home is amazing.” I said, thinking that I should say something.


                 “Thanks,” She replied shortly, barely glancing at me.


                 “Justin, I have a surprise for you,” She announced, dismissing me completely. “Come upstairs so I can give it to you.” She started pulling him being her. My eyes widened as I realized that I was being left alone.


                 Justin slowed Carly down, and said something low into her ear. They stopped, and she glanced at me with confused eyes. Justin said something else, and she looked at him with a furrowed brow as she lightly ran her hand over his cheek. Her face dropped to a sulk. She whispered something in his ear and took in his expression with a mischievous grin. He shook his head with an apologetic smile. She shrugged, then gave him a quick kiss on his lips, and glided away. I wanted nothing more than to blend into the walls at that moment.


                 Justin returned to me, his cheeks flushed. Before he opened his mouth to say something, I blurted. “Don’t, it’s okay. I don’t really want to know. Actually, it’s none of my business.” He examined me cautiously and said, “Really? That didn’t bother you?”


                 I drew my brow together. “Why would you ask me that?” “Because what she did was completely offensive-- I was even bothered by it.” He said with disbelief. I shrugged slightly. “I’m not really sure what to expect.”


                 "You should never expect that.” He stated, taking hold of my hand and raising my chin with his other hand. I couldn’t breathe when I looked him in the eyes. “Okay?”


                 “Sure,” I whispered, looking anywhere but him.


                 This was the strangest night of my life. After another hour, I was becoming cross-eyed feigning interest in another mind-numbing story, a bell chimed, and we we’re requested to make our way to the dining table. Dinner went quite well, except for the fact that whenever I tried to scoot back and get out of my chair to go to the bathroom, my seat screeched against the floor. And Carly also returned, relentless in her pursuit to have Justin for the rest of the night.


                 “I’m driving,” Justin said when Carly asked if he wanted wine.


                 I tried to stifle a laugh when Carly forced a giggle (that was extremely high pitched) when she reminisced on Justin’s last visit with her. I actually ended up coughing in result, receiving a few annoyed glances.


                 “You should come visit me. I haven’t seen you since I started school in August. Don’t you miss me?” Carly said.


                 I couldn’t wait to hear his response to this one.


                 “I had a good time.”


                 Nice one, Justin.


                 “I can promise you a better time. Why don’t you come over next weekend?”


                 “Actually, I’m a little busy.” He quickly glanced at me. She pouted. “Don’t make me beg you.” She whined. Was she serious? I took another gulp of water, trying to restrain from laughing.


                 “How are you doing?” Justin asked me quietly during the third course. “I’m doing fine,” I answered. I didn’t look up at him because if I saw him, I would see her, and I don’t know if I could keep a straight face then.


                 “How are you doing?” I asked.


                 “I think I’m ready to leave,” He admitted. A smile broke out on my face with the escape of a small laugh.


                 The fifth course came around, and then the next which was a small plate of cubed cheese and grapes. Carly was hovering over Justin, whispering things into his ear. I couldn’t hear her. Justin excused himself. He slid out of his chair. I turned to see his red face before he left the room. Carly giggled watching him go. She smirked at me when I caught her eye. I looked away and placed a grape in my mouth, unnerved.


                 Justin entered at the other end of the room, and leaned over to whisper in his mother’s ear. He tilted his watch and said something. His mother gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He went over to the Thomas’s and exchanged a few words before shaking hands. He exited the door, and reappeared through the one behind me.


                 “ready?” He asked.


                 “Sure,” I replied, setting down my glass of water.


                 Carly met us again in the foyer. “You will come back to see me again, won’t you, Jay?” She demanded rather than questioned.


                 I lost it. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I could no longer contain myself. As Justin slid my coat over my arms, I began laughing, at first in spurts as I tried to hold it in. But then there were tears in my eyes, and I couldn’t stop it from erupting.


                 She asked if I was laughing at her. I answered, “Yes I am, actually.” My eyes were watering. I could feel my face redden as I tried to smother another burst of laughter.


                 Justin smiled and said, “Good night, Carly,” before escorting me out. Once he closed that door, I let it all out. I fell on the stone steps from laughing so hard. I sat there a while, just laughing. Justin stood at the bottom of the steps watching me with an amused expression.


                 “Glad to know you found that funny,” Justin mused, trying to help me up.


                 “Don’t mention it, please,” I groaned, trying not laugh. “I can’t laugh anymore. My stomach hurts.” I held onto to his arm as I stumbled on my first few steps to the car. Justin opened the door for me after the valet brought the car back. “Let’s just say we’re even.” I said, getting into the car.












this is just part one, but it's like extremly long, i think. I tried not to put too much dialogue because that would've made it waaaaaay longer. i hope y'all like it :)


*does a gnarly skateboard trick*



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