Farrah Jones is a good girl. She doesn't drink or swear, and has the appropriate number of sweater in her wardrobe. Farrah believes she's finally left behind her dark past, but when she moves away with to a foster home in Stratford, Ontario she meets her new best friend. Her path to a new beginning is challenged by Stratford Central Secondary School's Walking One-Night Stand.

Justin Bieber, lean, cut, and tattoos, is exactly what Farrah wants- and needs- to avoid. He spends his days as the ultimate high school campus charmer. The moment he saw Farrah he saw something. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. He tricks her into his everyday life, but if he wants to keep her in his life, he must overcome his demons and figure out hers.


26. Chapter Twenty-Five

                      Part 2                      



            “So I’m guessing your mom doesn’t know about your, um… lifestyle.” I blurted. Justin looked over at me then back at the road.


            “You say that… why?”


            “Well, you’re dressed up in this suit, and—“


            “Speaking of my tux,” he interrupted me, “when we get to Jason’s, I’m gonna change out of it, okay? I need you to keep watch for while I’m changing… please?” I let out an exasperated sigh before I finally said: “Fine.”


            “Thanks, so what were you saying?”


            “Well, you’re all dressed up, and you’re not driving your beloved Harley.”


            “Well, to answer your question: she does not. She knows that I don’t do the whole girlfriend thing. She was quite ecstatic when I told her that I was bringing you along for the dinner party.”


            “Really?” I asked, surprised.


            “Oh, yeah,” He answered. He then added, “I also think you made quite the impression on her.” I blushed slightly.


            “So speaking of your ‘lifestyle’,” I began, “you never showed be what you do to make enough money to pay for your apartment.”


            “Yeah, I know.” He answered, shortly.


            “Are you ever going to show me?” I carried on.




            “Why not?” I whined like a five-year old.


            “It’s not safe-- especially not for a pigeon.” He said. I scowled at him. “Well, will you at least tell me what you do?” I poked him. He gave a breathy chuckle while shaking his head. “Can I guess?” I asked when we came to red light.


            He exhaled loudly, and turned and looked at me as if he were saying, seriously? I copied his movements so that I was facing him.


            “Okay, I’ll take that as a yes,” I said as he pressed on the gas.  “Do you sell drugs?”


             “Why the fuck would you even ask that?” He said.


            “It was just a guess… and that’s a no, I suppose.”


            “Yeah, it’s a no.”


            “Okay, do you--” I paused to think.  “-- do you street race for money?”


            “Nope,” He said, shaking his head.


            “I can’t think of anything else! Did you win some contest where they give you five-thousand dollars plus every month?” Justin looked at me like I was stupid. “Just a question,” I raised my hands in the air in mock surrender. “Don’t make me fight you to get the answer,” I droned.


             “Bingo!” he said. I looked at his questionably. “You said it: fight.”


            “Fight- you fight?” He nodded. “Like MMA or…”


            “Yeah, sort of- pretty much, honestly.”


            “Isn’t that sort of extreme?” I asked. Justin shrugged. “I don’t want to bring you into that kind of environment which is why I haven’t shown you.”


            “I’m not a baby,” I cried.


            “Yeah, I know. It’s just th-“


            “If Allie has gone, why can’t I?” I challenged. “Because I don’t want you going,” he said. “We’ll see about that,” I huffed, facing forward.


            We pulled up to a large home on top of a hill. “Are all the houses on this side of this city this huge?” Justin shrugged and said, “This is just their guest house,”


            We didn’t find anywhere to park so Justin had to park the car along the street. “Who’s SUV is this anyways?” I asked while Justin opened his door. “It’s a friend’s,” He answered, closing the door, and reappearing in the backseat.


            “Just make sure no one comes near this car, alright?” He said. “Yeah, okay- now, hurry up!” I urged.


            “They’re waiting for us,” I turned around. He was only in his boxers. Damn…


            “Whatcha staring at, Pigeon?” Justin said. “Ain’t nothing you’ve never seen before,” he wiggled his eye brows. “Shut up,” I said blushing a little, turning around. He laughed. I went ahead and stepped out of the car, and started walking toward the house slowly.


            “Aye, wait up!” Justin yelled slamming the car door. I stopped, but I didn’t turn around. He met up with me in the middle of the street. He hooked his right arm around my neck, and held me close to him. “Jason’s parties are always pretty crazy to say the least. Don’t go running off, okay?” He said as we approached the tall white brick house.


            “Ready?” He asked. I nodded. We walked through the door, and just saying that the home was crowded was an understatement; everywhere you went there was somebody sucking someone else’s face or something like that. Glass bottles were all over the floor. I wanted out as soon as I had stepped in.


            “Farrah!” Allie yelled. She pushed through a large group of people to get to us. “I was about to go outside to call you. How was it?” She asked taking another sip from her red plastic cup.


            “I’ll tell you tomorrow,”


            “Every detail,” She said. “So, you guys want something to drink?” She nodded towards the kitchen.


            “Bieber!” A male voice howled from behind us. We both turned out heads to see Tony, the quarterback on the school football team. “Hey, Tony,” Justin said. Tony handed Justin a beer bottle. “You guys win or lose?” Justin popped the cap off.


            “Win, brother! We only go to win, dude.” He exclaimed in Justin’s ear. “Ease it on the drinks, bro.” Justin suggested. “Whatever you say, mom!” Tony teased, walking away.


            “Like I was saying; do you guys want something to drink?” Allie repeated.


            “I’ll get us something-- soda?” He asked me. “Yup,” I grinned. “Damn, I was hoping to get you drunk, loosen you up or something.” I slapped his arm, not playfully or in a flirtatious way, but a full on smack!


            “I was kidding,” He laughed, letting me go. Allie wiggled her eyebrows at me before Luke pulled her away. “Hey, cuties,” He had said, “Mind if I steal my girlfriend away?” He asked. “Not at all,” I smiled, but I did mind. Even if I was alone just for a just a minute, or even a few seconds, I did mind.


            “There was only Diet Dr. Pepper left,” Justin returned. “Most people don’t like that diet shit though, so I picked up a one of those girly drinks.” He said it slowly as if he was anticipating something. I took the pink plastic cup and took a gulp. “Ew,” I cringed.


            “Yeah, I didn’t think you’d like it.” Justin said. “You want me to go get you something else or…”


            “No, this is fine,”


            “And you call me whipped,” Luke chuckled, passing by again, and friskily punching his cousin’s arm. “There’s a bon fire outside just so you know. It’s also a lot quieter out there.” He informed us.


            “Wanna go?” Justin asked. “Sure,” I allowed him to put his hands on my hips so that he could guide us through the congested hallways. We opened the screen door, and just as Luke had said, it was way quieter out here. “You can let go now,” I said, lightly touching his hands. “Oh, right…” He said quickly removing his hands.


            The table on the patio was occupied by a group of girls and boys, playing strip poker. I made the decision to walk to the far side of the patio. If you looked over the railing, you could see the blazing bon fire near a lake.


            “You wanna go down there?” He whispered, leaning over the railing next to me. His arm lightly touched mine and I went dizzy for a split second. “Yeah, why not,” I shrugged. I slowly walked down each step down to a stepping stone path. I came to a stop when the wedge dug in a little into the ground. I looked down and noticed that I had walked into sand. I quickly threw the shoes off and to the side, and let the warm sand squish in between my toes.


            There were only two other people out by the fire.


            It was a fire pit adorned with red bricks and stone seats off on the perimeter of the brick island. I could hardly make out a stack of blue and white towels pushed up against the side of the seats. There was a brown wooden deck that floated in the water like a peninsula.


            I stretched out a across one of the seats, and closed my eyes. The sound of the small waves clashing against the rock wall was relaxing; the crackling of the fire was soothing, and I, for some reason, had the oddest urge to go skinny-dipping, but I kept that thought to myself. Justin laid next to me, pulling his snapback over his eyes.


            I couldn’t stop thinking about how it would be to skinny dip at this time of the year. I almost got up to go do it, but I didn’t. The water wouldn’t be freezing, but it also wouldn’t be warm. Maybe I’m underestimating how cold it actually is since it is autumn. The other two people had left silently, leaving Justin and I alone.


            “What’re you thinking about?” Justin suddenly interrupted the silence. I turned and noticed that he was staring at me. The way the dim light hit his face made his face look more defined. It brought out his features quite nicely.


            “Uh, um… the water,” I stammered.


            “Wanna go in?” he asked.


            “Isn’t it cold?”


            “A little- they have a hot tub, too, you know.”


            “Maybe later,” I said, not completely committing to the idea. Skinny-dipping alone in the middle of the night sounded better than waltzing around half-naked in front of a group of people.


            I could only go a few more minutes before I was going to fall asleep. I could feel it. I stood up and started walking out to the wooden deck that jutted out into the water, grabbing a towel on my way.


            “Hey, wait up!” Justin fell over trying to stand up straight.


            I extended the towel over moist wood, and sat down. I let my feet dangle over the edge so that they just barely skimmed over the cool water.


            Justin's presence was noted as he hovered over me.


            "How's it feel?" He asked.


            "I can barely touch it, but it's fairly cold from what I can touch." I answered.


            He copied me by rolling his jeans up, and allowing his feet to dangle into the water."How can you just barely touch it? My feet and ankles are completely submerged. It's pretty cold." Justin laughed.


            "I'm not that tall," I retorted.


            "I know," he said.


            "Hey!" I shoved him jokingly.


            He was close to falling off, and into the water, but he used my arm to try to steady himself. It was no use. Justin ended up falling into the water, but he didn't go down on his own. He held onto my arm, and pulled me down with him.


            I emerged from the water, laughing and so did he.


            "Nice, well done," I said sarcastically, "I just wanted to let my feet touch the water, not go for a swim!"


            "Yeah, well, now you don't have to go into the hot tub."


            "But the water is cold as f--" I began.


            "You'll get used to it... or you'll get hypothermia." He shrugged, and began to swim towards the shore. I trailed behind him, doing back strokes.


            Once we waded our way to the rocks, we moved ourselves onto the grass, shivering. We looked at the stars in silence. After having enough of the cold I went to get a towel. "I promised Allie I wouldn't mess this sweater up," I said, covering myself. "Too late," Justin jeered. "She's going to throw a fit when she sees me all soaking wet in her clothes." I wrung out excess water from the bottom of my skirt.


            "Well, looks like you're gonna get that now," Justin nodded towards the hill.


            "Huh?" I looked and saw only a slim silhouhette stalking down the hill quickly.


            "Oh, my gosh! Farrah! Are you crazy?!" Allie's voice strained. I couldn't see her face, but I didn't have to to know that her jaw was dropped and that her eyes were as big as golf balls.


            "Just for the record, Justin pulled me into the water!" I said quickly.


            "Way to throw me under the bus, Pigeon," Justin walked over to us after shaking his head like a wet dog. His hair was a mess. "Are you crazy, Justin? The water is like freezing!" Allie scowled.


            "Aw, c'mon, Al," he hugged her.


            "Jesus fuck! Get off of me!" She shrieked. I could tell that she was trying to be mad, but the hint of laughter at the end was a dead giveaway that she wasn't. Justin laughed, holding onto to her a little longer. "You're getting me wet!"


            "What the hell?" Jason yelled. We all looked up, and noticed a small crowd of people staring down at us from the patio, and others coming down to meet us. Jason was one of the people running downt the hill.


            "Are you crazy, bro?" Chris, another football player, asked.


            "No; why does everyone keep asking me that?"


            "because the water is cold..." I chimed in.


            "No shit," Chris said, examing me as I shivered.


            "Twenty dollars says that you're too much of a pussy to go into the lake." A boy whispered behind us. "You're on," Another one said. Next thing I knew, water was splashing, and a roar of screams from the other party-goers was let out.


            "Let's get you home," Allie said. She grabbed my arm, and manuvered us back inside the house. Allie instructed me to go into the bathroom, while she searched for a trash bag to put my soaking wet clothes in. She came back and told me to take off everything except for my bra and underwear. I did, and put the water-dripping clothes into the plastic bag. I came back out with the towel wrapped around my chest tightly. "Let's go," I said.


            "I found him," Justin said, dragging Luke into the scene. "I think I'll be driving," He laughed, "because your boyfriend is Wasted with a capital 'w'."


            "Wow, you're really, really, pretty! My girlfriend is really pretty. She looks a little like you." Luke slurred. Justin let Allie take hold of her boyfriend. "Holy shit! you smell like her, too!"


            "I can see," Allie said speaking to Justin.


            When all four of us went outside it was pretty clear that most of the party had moved outside; at least three dozen people were in the water.


            "I regret nothing,"Justin whispered in my ear with a short laugh before we went off in our seperate ways. My cheeks warmed up. His short whisper sent chills up my spine. "Oh, you'll regret pulling me into the water if I end up getting a cold." I cracked.


              "I don't know about that, friend." Justin smirked faintly.




            Allie and I drove back home in Luke's Charger, and The Boys in the Tahoe Justin borrowed. Collin called me the next day.










im starting to have some writer's block, guys... D:


i don't know what to write in the next chapter, so i have decided to take some suggestions from you guys because you're all bursting with creative ideas and stuff like that. please help me!





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