Farrah Jones is a good girl. She doesn't drink or swear, and has the appropriate number of sweater in her wardrobe. Farrah believes she's finally left behind her dark past, but when she moves away with to a foster home in Stratford, Ontario she meets her new best friend. Her path to a new beginning is challenged by Stratford Central Secondary School's Walking One-Night Stand.

Justin Bieber, lean, cut, and tattoos, is exactly what Farrah wants- and needs- to avoid. He spends his days as the ultimate high school campus charmer. The moment he saw Farrah he saw something. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. He tricks her into his everyday life, but if he wants to keep her in his life, he must overcome his demons and figure out hers.


21. Chapter Twenty

(i've already posted this chapter so if you read it then i wouldnt read this again. so I unpublished this chapter because I noticed that i fucked up really bad when i was looking over it-i copy and pasted the beginning into the middle of the story. idek how i managed to do that, but i almost did it again while i was redoing it-, so I re-edited it and it should be right now. if you do ever notice that i've messed up like that, then please tell me so that i can fix it. thanks. hope this made sense.)



"expect the unexpected"





Luke drove to a club in downtown Wellesley. It was supposedly where a lot of the students from school went as well.  It took close to thirty minutes to get there though, and all I could think about is how or why people would drive thirty minutes just to press their bodies against someone else while getting drunk.


                        We got in, shortly after waiting in line. We were branded with little Xs on our hands. On the inside I noticed that it was more like an indoor concert with a live rock band playing on a stage with flashing lights.

                        We squeezed our way through the huge crowd and managed our way through the crowd.

                        Justin walked over to the bartender while we went over to a booth. He walked back to us. "Small crowd," Luke said. "I know." Justin said. The bartender came by and passed out the drinks.

                        "I don't drink." I said pushing the drink away. "I told her to make it weak. It's cranberry and vodka." I squinted my eyes. "Okay." I took a sip. "It's really weak." I said. All that I could taste was the cranberry juice with just a small spike of vodka just as Justin had said.

                        "Thanks," I tilted my cup toward his a little. "Don't accept any drinks from anyone else except Luke and me, okay?" Justin said in my ear.

                        "Justin..." I said.

                        "Say you won't." He commanded.

                        "Okay, I won't." I promised.

                        "Don't let me drink too much." I told Allie. "So you're planning on drinking?" She eyed me suspiciously. "Just a little," I said.

                        "Atta girl," Justin laughed. I took a few more sips and finished the cup. "I think we should take some shots." Justin held up four fingers. She nodded back and began pouring the liquor into the shot glasses.

                        We held the glasses up, and then threw our heads back. It burned my throat. I wished I had a chaser.

                        "Relax, baby girl," Justin said not even looking at me, "tonight's just about letting go- having fun!"

                        "Yeah, okay."

                        "I'll be back." He said eying a leggy brunette. I knew she purposely walked by us. I rolled my eyes and then I was alone again.

                        "Hey," a boy stood beside me. "The name's Aidan." He grinned, showing off all of his perfect white teeth.

                        "Hi, Aidan," I smiled, relaxing. I recognized him. He was playing on the stage a little while ago.

                        "Are you here with anyone?" He yelled over the sound of the DJ's choice of pop rock music.


                        "I'm actually here with my--"


                        "Boyfriend." Justin finished, wrapping his arms around me. "Oh," Aidan seemed as shocked as I was. "See ya later... maybe?" He said before walking away. "Justin!" I finally yelled. He turned around to look at mid-stride. "Yeah?" He said innocently.


                        "You're not my boyfriend! Why would you say that?!"


                        "You don't want to be one of his groupies now do you?" Justin cocked his eyebrow.


                        "Well, thanks, then... I guess."


                        "You're welcome," He said. He grabbed my hand and said, "Let’s dance." It was a fast beat song. I could long as I didn't have these heels on. I yanked them off, and set them under the stool. I asked a girl to look after them while I was away for at least three to five minutes.


                        Justin was the first one to start dancing. He laughed when he saw me barely moving. "No; like this, Pigeon," He set his hands on my hips and swayed my mid-section from left to right.
 I laughed a little. He had no problem with touching me, obviously.


                        I swung my arms around his neck and moved to the beat. "That's better!" He yelled, grinning. I giggled a little. He put his head in the crook of my neck and settled his hands on my waist, pressing me against him as we rocked from side to side. My heart beat quickened when he left small kisses on my neck. That then proceeded to him gently sucking on my neck, and his tongue making contact with my skin in the process. "What are you doing?" I finally pushed him away.


                        "I kissed your neck."


                        "Why?!" I yelled.


                        "Jesus! You act like I murdered somebody!" He ignored my spastic behavior.


                        "Why?" I asked again.


                        "Well, because I... I felt like it, that's why! Not to mention that you smell fucking amazing when you sweat."


                        "You can't do that." I said, walking away from him in a big huff. I thanked the lady that guarded my shoes for those short minutes.


                        When I turned around, the brunette was the one practically dry humping him. I wanted to throw up. She looks like a Jenny. I wonder if her name is Jenny. I thought. I shook my head, laughing at myself because I was naming people based on their looks.


                        "Hey!" Allie bellowed from behind me.


                        "Hey." I said, matching Allie's enthusiasm.


                        "Are you okay?" She asked. "Fine," I lied. "Where's Luke?" I asked. "He went to go get us another drink." She nodded towards the bar. I cocked my head back, and saw him. I turned back to Allie and nodded. "If you’re bored, I bet Collin would come all the way over here to be with you." She said. I sighed. Should I? He wasn't involved with these plans in the first place. But, I if I invited him, it would be okay, right? My sense of thinking wasn't any good obviously. So, Allie did the thinking. She handed me her phone with his number already dialed. I took it, and walked into the bathroom, so that I would be able to hear.


                        "Allie?" he asked.


                        "Nope," I said.


                        "Farrah," I could hear the smile on his face which made me smile. "What's up?"


                        "Well, I'm at this club in Wellesley, and... I'm just calling to ask you if you'd want to come over here and have some fun!" I said before I quickly added, "But you don't have to if you don't want to." I bit my lip nervously, anticipating the answer to be an "I can't. I'm sorry or something of the sort.


                        "Psh, I'm already changing." He chuckled.


                        "I'm assuming you already know which club I'm speaking of?" I asked. "Mhmm." he hummed from the other side. "I'll see you later."


                        "Okay, bye."


                        He hung up first. I walked out of the bathroom, and found Allie dancing with everybody else and Justin... well... He was doing what I had come to realize as "his thing"


                        Jenny fell right for his "charm", and was his. I rolled my eyes at them. I had this weird feeling in my stomach by just watching Justin flirt with Jenny. I also had a bad feeling about inviting Collin. I couldn't change it now. I just had to wait for Collin so that I wouldn't be so lonely. Until then, I had a few drinks- maybe one or two- to try to ease the odd feelings that I had in the pit of my stomach. My tolerance for alcohol was sort of high, so I didn't worry too much about getting drunk and then getting taken advantage of.


                        A little more than a half an hour went by until I looked at the entrance, and recognized Collin's messy dark brown hair, and his icy green blue eyes. I was about to go get him, but he saw me before I could even get out of my seat. He was by me in a minute. "Hi," He said. "They ditch you?" He asked. "No," I scoffed. "I just decided to sit down for a while."


                        "I didn't mean to offend you." He apologized. He caught me staring at Justin and the way he was playing Jenny like a guitar. Why would he even care if Collin came? It's not like he wasn't going to take her home and then they'd do it.


                        "We don't have to stay here." Collin said after close to ten minutes of meaningless talking. "I think I'll take you up on that offer." I said truthfully. His eyes lit up. "Do you want to tell Allie?" He asked. "I'll just text her, and let her know that I'll be home by..."


                        "Eleven or twelve." He said. I nodded.


                        "I'll tell her that I'll be at Luke and Justin's apartment no later than twelve." I said, confirming everything.


                        "Why their apartment?" He asked. I explained that we were staying there until next week while my foster parents were away for their anniversary. He understood.


                        I texted Allie: Hey. Collin and I are blowing this Popsicle stand. I'll be back at the apartment no later than twelve.


                        I received a response, seconds after.


                       OK. We'll be home by probably eleven.


                        I left the conversation at that, and let Collin know that I was ready to go. We walked out of the crowded space. I felt like I could finally breathe.







"That dress looks amazing on you." Collin said, as we cruised around the city. "Thanks, Allie picked it out." I admitted. "You should let her pick your outfits out more often..." He whispered seductively in my ear. I nervously shifted a little in my seat when his hand started making little circles on my thigh.


                        "It's eleven twenty." I said. "We should go back home," I suggested. "Okay." He agreed.


                        He drove for another thirty minutes. On our trip back, we talked mostly about school and other things like that. He didn't push me to try to let him on my past like he used to. I was grateful that he picked up on the fact that I did not want to talk about it.



                        "I'll see you soon." Collin said as he parked his Porsche. He leaned over and kissed me firmly. That soon turned to a make-out session. He reclined my seat as he hovered over me. We were both breathing heavy in between the sloppy kisses. He hitched my legs up onto his waist, and his hands rubbed up and down my thighs, my dress getting shorter every time he'd run his hand down my legs.


                        Heavy banging on the window interrupted our intimate moment. The door swung open, I quickly fixed the skirt of the dress as Collin rolled back over to the driver's seat. Justin stood there with his hands balled up at his sides.


                        "I'll call you later, Fair." Collin said awkwardly, starting his sports car again. He reversed and was out of the parking faster than you could say "Hey"


                        "C'mon, Farrah, let's go." Allie tugged at my arm.


                        "No, how about you go Allie." Justin nodded towards the stairs. "Stay here with me for a little while, Fair." The nickname Collin had adopted for me rolled off Justin's tongue with disgust. A cigarette was hanging from his mouth, and the distinct odor of alcohol emitted from him.


                        "What the hell is wrong with you?!" I spat towards Justin. He was leaning up against a trashcan. He flicked his cigarette, took one last drag, and then stomped it out. "Why don't you tell me what your problem is?" I barked.


                        "Me? You're the one screaming. What's your problem?" He asked surprisingly calm.


                        "My problem is that you dragged me out of that car while I was doing something."


                        "Pigeon," He reached to touch my face, but I swatted his hand away. "You deserve better than to let him fuck you in the backseat of his car."


                        "That wasn't going to happen! Haven't you ever made out with ever going that far?"


                        "What's the point?" He shrugged. I let out scream just to release some of my anger."What Allie, Luke, and I saw was a bouncing car with fogged up windows." he raised his eyebrow.


                        "That's a big step for me, Justin!" I confessed.


                        "That's what every girl says," he rolled his eyes. "I'm not talking about one of your sluts! You don't understand. I'm a..."


                        "You're a what?"


                        "I'm still a virgin." I admitted. "Wow." His mouth stayed in that "oh" shape. "I would've never thought that from the way you were dancing with me a few hours ago." He laughed.


                        "I am not going to stand here and talk about my virginity status with you." I crossed my arms, and walked away barefoot, shoes in hand.


                        I opened the door and shut it behind me. I was so pissed. Justin stalked into his room a few moments after I did. I stood for a while, facing the wall while I listened to Justin shuffling around in the room. I froze when I felt his soft, masculine hands make contact with my shoulder.


                        "I just don't know what I'd do if he ever..." He didn't finish. He caressed my shoulder with his thumb, rubbing it in circles. What was I to say? "I care about you... a lot. Fuck, I'm pretty sure I love you." He admitted. I turned to face him to say something, but before I could say anything more, he added, "I don't know what I'd do if that little fuck tard ever got you to..."


                        "Just--" He kissed me on my lips before I could even finish. He cupped my face, kissing me more firmly than before-- with more need and urgency. I gasped for air, and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth. As much as my brain was telling me to stop and push him away, my body stayed put-- I stayed put. Running my hands over the ridges and edges of his stomach, he held my hips close to him. "Mmmm," He moaned, kissing me harder.


                        "I've wanted to help you take your dress off ever since I heard the word 'virgin' come from your mouth." He whispered seductively in my ear, playing with the strap of my dress. He began leaving a trail of kisses down my neck and jawbone. You can't do that. I thought, but it never came out verbally. "Justin," I whispered. Sudden needs to have him touch me and much more fell over me. I was about to take the strap off, too until he stopped me. "Not like this," He ran his thumb over my knuckles, "Not like this, Pigeon." He repeated, and fell onto the bed.


                        What just happened? Did I really just almost...


                        I slid the dress off, and blindly searched for anything to put on. I found a tank top and a pair of pajama shorts. I was still completely dumbfounded, but I somehow found enough strength to ask something I never thought I'd ever say.


                        "Justin?" I whispered. He groaned. "Maybe it's the alcohol talking, but, um, could you hold me?" I asked.


                        "I should say no," He looked at me, "but I'd never forgive myself I did, and you never asked again." I could sense that infamous grin in his voice. I moved closer to him, and rested my head on his chest, listening to the rhythmic beating of his heartbeat. "And, Pidge," He muttered into my hair. "Hmm," I purred. "You don't ever need an excuse for me to hold you." I smiled, and snuggled even closer.


                        His breathing slowed, and he faintly snored as he fell asleep. This might have been wrong, but it felt right. Maybe I needed him more than I thought. Maybe those feelings that were deep within me were finally deciding to make an appearance. I cared about him too.









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