Farrah Jones is a good girl. She doesn't drink or swear, and has the appropriate number of sweater in her wardrobe. Farrah believes she's finally left behind her dark past, but when she moves away with to a foster home in Stratford, Ontario she meets her new best friend. Her path to a new beginning is challenged by Stratford Central Secondary School's Walking One-Night Stand.

Justin Bieber, lean, cut, and tattoos, is exactly what Farrah wants- and needs- to avoid. He spends his days as the ultimate high school campus charmer. The moment he saw Farrah he saw something. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. He tricks her into his everyday life, but if he wants to keep her in his life, he must overcome his demons and figure out hers.


15. Chapter Fourteen


                Everybody was looking at me during the first four periods- I hated it. 

                "Why are they looking at me?" I said in a whiny voice to Allie. Nobody was looking at me right now since it was lunch and one of our only periods to 

                "Oh gosh, you didn't hear?" She looked at me, shocked. Allie always knew the 411 from what I learned about her in three months. She talked to me about people I didn't even know. 

                "Please don't tell me it's what I think," I bit the inside of my cheek, anticipation filling my body. She nodded. "Oh my fu-" I stopped. I was drawing attention to myself. "We're just friends; chums, buddies, cronies, pals. Why is that hard to understand. Does he not have friends or something? I mean... I just... Never mind," I shook my head. 

                "Aww, you're my friend, Pigeon?" Justin was standing over me. "I'm your buddy; chum, crony, pal?" He teased me. I looked down at my food; I had lost my appetite, not that I really had one in the first place. He sat next to me, and everybody's head turned in our direction. I sunk in my seat and hid my face. 

                "Turn around, you idiots!" Allie hissed, "nothing to see here!" I was mentally thanking her. I could feel all the stares begin to turn away. 

                When I was finally comfortable, I sat up. "Why is our friendship hard to understand?" I looked at Justin. "Friendship?" Justin asked.

                "It's not that... Well, it sort of is. It's just the fact that he has a friend... that is a girl." Allie said.

                "So what? I'm a girl. Oooh!" I rolled my eyes. 

                "It's just that, though. I don't make friends with girls." Justin shrugged, "Enemies that are girls? Hell yeah!" He answered his own question. 

                "Well, I'm just going to stop caring. We're just friends." 

                "Just friends," he repeated. It sounded more like a question coming from his mouth, but I ignored that factor and continued on with lunch. "As long as we're all just friends here," Allie began, "how about we all go bowling Saturday? We could watch a movie before and eat McDonald's or something. Maybe not in that order, though." 

                Luke agreed. Justin looked towards me. I shrugged, "Yea, sure, okay." 

                "Count me in," Justin said. 

                Lunch was almost over when Collin came and sat next to me, saying, "Hey, cutie." I blushed, looking down. Justin groaned. I just ever so slightly jammed my elbow into his ribs to shut him up. "Hi," I finally uttered. 

                "So I was thinking... me and you, Saturday?" He looked at me. "Saturday?" I asked. "Yea," maybe we could get some dinner or something... Like last time." He added. 

                I bit my lip. I could feel Justin looking at me from behind. I wanted to tell him to stop. 

                "I'm sorry, Collin." I lightly touched his arm. "I already have plans Saturday night." I gave him an apologetic smile. "That's alright, tell me whenever you can, though." He stood up. I wish he would stay, but I didn't tell him to. I stood up next to him 

                "See you around, Farrah." He bent down and kissed my forehead. I smiled, and waved good bye. 

                "Finally, he's gone." Justin sighed. 

                "What the heck is your problem?" I hissed. "You were just fine before he came, and now you're--"

                "It's nothing," He interrupted me. I rolled my eyes and focused back onto what Allie was talking about. She was complaining to one of her friends about some girl that (she considered her friend) talk behind her back. It was actually interesting. 

                After our lunch period, I had biology. I walked with Justin to that class. It had just become a habit of walking to biology with him. It wasn't anything serious. He sat behind me, like always. 

                He seemed perfectly content sitting in his seat. I just didn't understand



                "It's Friday, and you're working. You should ask them to just give you Fridays off and you can work Saturdays instead." Allie told me. 

                "Nah, Saturdays are better. They're right in between a day if school and a day dreading going back to school. They're just right." I said, washing the dishes. 

                "That's lame, Farrah." She laughed. "Whatever, I'll at least have money when break comes next month." 

                "Talking about next month... Do you know what's happening next month?"


                "That's my mom and dads anniversary! We get the house to ourselves for a whole week and it's during fall break!" I stayed silent. What was I supposed to say? 

                "Let's get you to work," Allie finally said. I nodded and grabbed a bunch of grapes before I grabbed my phone and bag. 

                The ride was like it normally was: loud music, loud singing, crazy dancing, and laughing. We were like that. I could imagine how we looked from the outside. 

                "Thanks, Al! See you later."

                "I know, bye!" She said before speeding away. I walked through the back of the diner and clocked in. 

                After a few dozen minutes of not seeing Whisper I asked Sandy where he was out of curiosity. "He's out in Cancun with his fiancé," she wiggled her eyebrows. "Fiancé?" I asked. "Yup," she popped the 'p' 

                "Who is this mystery girl?" I asked. I felt so nosy for asking, but I couldn't just let it go. 

                "Her name is... Annalise, I believe." She said. "She and Whisper go to the same college." 

                "Oh, how did he even manage to get that kind of money? To get to Cancun, I mean."

                "His parents, I think. They're dripping with money."

                "Then why is he working here?"

                "Probably because he was forced by his parents to." Sandy laughed. "Or maybe because he wants to make his own money. I don't really know." 

                "Okay, well, I'll be back." I jumped off the bar stool to hand a customer their check. Justin came in a while ago, and all of the usual girls were there sitting at the little booths and tables set up next to the small stage. He was curler entry singing a Justin Timberlake song. 

                He looked at me an I pressed my hand up to my heart pretending to be swooned by him. He winked, and I faked a stumble. He shook his head slightly, turning away. 

                "You guys are so cute," Sandy sighed. 

                "Cute?" I scrunched my nose up.

                "I saw you guys." She laughed. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you liked him."

                "No!" I said, defensively. "What possessed you to think that?"

                "You guys were flirting just then." I cut her off there. "We were not flirting." I corrected her. "He likes you," she smirked. "Why does everyone say that?" I put my hands up in the air. "You're totally clueless," she laughed, wiping down the counter. 

                I was starting to get tired of everyone saying he liked me. He doesn't! Why would he like me (a girl who doesn't want any part of him) over a girl who actually wants him? It doesn't make sense to me. He doesn't like me, as if that weren't crystal clear



                "Ready, pigeon?" Justin asked. "Yea," I said. I sat up from the empty booth and followed him out the door, telling sandy bye. 

                I climbed onto his black motorcycle after he did. I learned how to strap my helmet on my own, so I did that, and Justin did his. 

                "Hold on," he looked back at me. 

                "I know," I smiled even though he couldn't see. 

                He put the kickstand up and sped off. After at least a minute he turned back to me for a quick second and said, "So have you seen the entire city?" I shook my head. 

                "He drove off the rode, and rode onto an exit that led to the highway. 

                "What are you doing?" I yelled. My yelling probably wasn't necessary, but it might have been over the roar of his motorcycle. 

                "I'm gonna show you the night life of Stratford." He said back. I didn't answer. 

                He continued driving, and before I knew it he was driving slowly on a cobblestone street. 

                "Where are we?" I asked. 

                "This is where I come every once in a while. There are a bunch of shoppes and yea." 

                "Um, okay?" 

                He stopped outside a little biker bar. The doors were wide open. I could see white Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling and a bar on the far end to the right. 

                He tugged on my arm, and began leading me into the bar. I stopped him. 

                "What?" He looked at me. 

                "I'm not exactly dressed appropriately," I said hinting down to what I was wearing: khaki pants, black uniform shirt, and vans. He looked past me. 

                "C'mon," he grabbed my wrist. I followed him. We walked up to a lady about to close her dress store. 

                "Excuse me ma'am, do you think you could just keep the store open just a little bit longer while we get her a dress?" The lady was about to say no, I could tell, but Justin smiled and she let us through. "Fifteen minutes, only." She called after us.


               I knew that smile could get him anything. 

                Why did I let him drag me to this place?

                "Here, try this one on." He held a white material out to me. 

                "That's a scarf, Justin." 

                He brought it back up to his face, but then held it out to me once again, "Like I said, try it on." He winked. I knew what he was thinking so I quickly wrapped it around my neck. "There; it on." I said. 

                "I didn't men like that, but ok." He said, sarcastically. He searched through the rack of dresses. What did this boy know about dresses beside knowing how to take them off of a girl's body? Probably nothing.

                "This one," he pulled out a white dress with purple floral around the skirt of it. 

                "Um, okay." I bit my lip and took the dress from his hands. 

                I went into a dressing room and closed the curtain. I slipped out of my shirt and pants and pulled dress on. I took my bra straps off, and went out. 

                Justin wasn't waiting outside the dressing cubicle, as I hoped. I looked at myself in the body length mirror. I flattened out the skirt with my hands. 
I got Justin's eyes through the mirror. He came over to me and said, "Beautiful," with a big smile in his face. 

                "You don't think it's too short?" I looked at myself in the mirror. The dress stopped about four inches above my knee. 

                "Nah," he said, looking at me up and down. He went into the dressing room and got my work clothes before he grabbed my wrist again. He picked out these silver flats and ha me put them on. "We'll take it," he said to lady at the cashier with a smile.

                "That'll be $87.56" the lady said. Justin took his wallet out. 

                "That's a little pricey," I said. 

                "Yea, but I dragged you out here so," he handed the lady a hundred, "let me buy it for you." 

                "You already did," I laughed. 

                "Yup," he said. "Now you're ready. Well have fun, I promise." He smiled before taking me out of the store. I gave the lady a sympathetic smile. He stored my old clothes under the seat of his motorcycle and pulled me into the biker bar. I put my hair down and let it cascade down my back and over my shoulders. 

                "Beer?" He asked looking over to the bar. I shrugged even though I didn't think I'd have any alcohol tonight. 

                "One beer, and," he looked down at me, "a margarita." 

                "I think that this is the time that I should tell you that I don't drink." I whispered in Justin's ear. "I can just give it away," he suggested. I didn't say anything, but luckily the bartender came back with the drinks. 

                That margarita looked really good. I put it up to my mouth, and took a sip. 

                "One crazy lemonade, aye, Pidge?" Justin laughed. It was good. Sip after sip, it was finally done. A sudden image from Ottawa came back and I put the glass back down. "You okay?" He looked down at me. 

                "Yea," I assured. I didn't drink anything else after that. 

                An hour later, we were leaving after a girl and a guy were bickering next to us. 

                "Thanks," I told him, when we arrived back at my house. "For the fun night, I mean."

                "You had fun?" He smiled. "Duh!" I laughed. He rolled his eyes playfully. "I'll see ya tomorrow," I told him.

                "Night, Pigeon." He said before leaving. 

                "Shit," I muttered. I forgot to get my clothes back. 

                I opened the door and quickly went up the steps and into my room. I had to change out of this dress, before anyone saw. 

                I yanked it off and quickly put an oversized shirt on. I walked down the stairs casually, and into the kitchen. "Where have you been?" Allie asked. "Nowhere. I just hung out at the diner for an extra two hours," I spoke, indifferently. 

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