Sofia's Story- The Half-Blood Prince

Sofia is in her third year at Hogwarts. She knows that she must tread carefully, for now more people know her secret. Also disturbing her is the fact that her best friend is shutting her out, leaving her feeling alone and helpless.


11. Chapter 11

Sofia broken-heartedly returned to a Hogwarts two day later. She had begged her parents to let her stay, but they had held their ground. 

"Sofia, you must be there to watch over your friends," her father had told her. "Without you there, they are in much more danger. You must trust me."

She trusted her father, but she was afraid and alone. Draco had pushed her away, and she could not put Natalie or Luke in any more danger. She knew it was breaking their hearts. It was breaking her own heart as well.

As Sofia walked towards the Great Hall on the morning of her return, her path was blocked by Luke. He stood a few meters in front of her, looking at her sadly. 

"I heard you would be back this morning," he said quietly, as if he had no known what else to say. 

Sofia nodded uncertainly, wanting to run away before her emotions crept up. 

"Sofia, I don't know what happened to you," he said, "and I know you aren't going to tell me. You're too stubborn. But I want you to know that no matter what, I'm here for you. I don't care that you are trying to protect me. I'd walk through fire for you. I would give up everything I know and care about for you. I don't care if I die in the process. I'm going to do everything in my power to protect you."

Sofia felt tears prick her eyes. He was so kind, so generous, so perfect. Despite what she was, despite what she had to do, he still was willing to stand by her side. 


"I just wanted you to know," he said, cutting her off. 

Then he turned and walked into the Great Hall, leaving Sofia to be alone with her thoughts. 

"Don't feel," she whispered to herself. "Don't let it in."

She fought back the tears and emotion, putting up a thick wall around her heart, blocking it off to the rest of her soul. 


"Oy, Adema!"

Sofia turned around and caught sight of Pansy Parkinson storming towards her from across the Entrance Hall. The look on the older girls face was one of rage and hatred. 

"Stay away from Draco," the Slytherin growled. 

"I haven't been anywhere near him," Sofia snapped back. 

"Liar!" Pansy shrieked. She threw something towards Sofia's head. Sofia raised a hand and caught it. 

"I found him asleep next to this. Come near him again and I'll make sure you wished you were dead."

Sofia laughed coldly. 

"Too late, Parkinson. I already wish I was dead. You cannot touch me."

She knew as soon as she said it that she should not have. She knew it would only further antagonize Pansy. She knew it would cause Pansy to start a fight. She did not care. Maybe she'd get thrown out of school and her parents would have no choice but to let her go back home. 

Just as Sofia predicted, Pansy drew her wand. 

"Wanna test that theory, little brat?"

Sofia drew her own wand and pointed it at Pansy. 

"Be my guest," she growled. 

She waited for Pansy to make the first move, knowing she would not have to wait long. 

She was right. 

A bolt of light erupted from Pansy's wand. Sofia ducked out of the way and sent her own stunning spell at the other girl. Pansy blocked it easily. 

"Surely the famous Adema has more than that in her," Pansy taunted. 

Sofia was not stupid though. Pansy was playing her, trying to get Sofia on the offensive so she could counter or in case teachers came out and caught them. She wasn't going to fall for it though. 

Pansy sent a hex at Sofia. Again she ducked and flicked her wand, sending Pansy flying back towards the wall behind her. 

Pansy managed to stop her momentum before she collided with the wall. She slashed her wand through the air and bright orange flames leapt out towards Sofia. Sofia flicked her wand upwards and a wall of water appeared. As the flames collided with it, they melted away. 

There was a loud explosion as Pansy began firing spells one after another towards Sofia. The younger girl was able to block or dodge them all once after another. She sent one well aimed stunning jinx that his Pansy squarely in the chest and knocked the girl off her feet. 

"Miss Adema, what excellent spell work!"

Sofia turned around and saw Professor Slughorn walking towards her, his eyes looking curiously at Pansy. 

"You are truly beyond your age in dueling. They was you blocked her rapid spell casting and then were even able to throw in your own successful spell was remarkable!"

"Uh, thanks Professor," she said. 

"I have been trying to get up with you for the longest time. I am having a dinner party tonight and would be honored if you would come."

Sofia was shocked. Not only had she escaped being punished by Slughorn, but now she was invited to his Slug Club meetings.

"I-I suppose I could try. I mean I have been away for a few days and have a lot of work to catch up on."

"Not to worry, my dear. I'm sure your teachers will give you some slack. I'll see you at seven sharp!"

He waved goodbye and set off towards the dungeons. Sofia took one last look at Pansy who was still lying on the floor across the hall. She tucked her wand back into her robes and then began to make her way towards the Grand Staircase. That was when she noticed what was in her other hand. It was what Pansy had thrown at her. 

It was a small white wolf figurine. It held a piece of parchment in it's mouth. She took it and unrolled the parchment.

I miss talking to you. I miss how things used to be between us. I want to hold you so much, just tell you that everything will be okay. But

That was all that was written. Draco had been writing something to her, but he had obviously been unable to finish it. She longed for the words to go on, to see his emotions written across the parchment. 

Sofia walked into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. It was still half an hour before the class began, but she did not know where else to go. 

She sat in silence for a long time, not really thinking or feeling, until students began to file into the classroom. She knew they were all staring at her as they came in, but she stared straight ahead until they were all seated. 

Professor Snape walked into the room and straight over to a large cabinet at the front of the room. 

"Over the past few days we have been studying boggarts. Today you all will face one."

There was a murmur that spread through the room. Sofia did not want to face her biggest fear. Even though she knew it would not be real, she was afraid she would not be able to face it. She was nervous. 

"Remember, the boggarts will take the form of whatever you fear most. Laughter will drive them away. The spell you need to use is 'riddikulus.' Now everyone form a line."

The students did as he ordered, lining up in the center if the room in front of the cabinet. No one wanted to go first. There was a lot of pushing and shoving and Sofia ended up in the front. 

"Step up Miss Adema. Let's see if even you are able to master this."

Sofia raised her wand as Snape flicked his at the cabinet. The door opened slowly and she took a deep breath. 

Daniel stepped out. He was gushing blood from a deep hole in his stomach. He stumbled around, and then collapsed to the ground unmoving. 

Sofia stood frozen. Her brother hurt. She had to help him. He was going to die. She couldn't help him. 

No. It's not him, she told herself. It's just a boggart. Daniel is fine. He's okay. She tried to speak but her mouth was frozen shut. 

Then the body on the ground began to writhe in pain. It let out a murderous shriek that echoed through the room. 

Sofia's knees gave out. She collapsed to the floor, covering her ears as tears began falling down her face. Suddenly everything went quiet. 

She looked up. Everyone in the room was staring at her. Snape stood in between her and the cabinet, which was now shut behind him. 

"Miss Adema, are you incapable of any amount of self-control?"

Sofia stood up and glared at him, her emotions raging out of her control. 

"You try watching someone you love more than life itself die in front of you while you can do nothing to stop it!" She shouted at him. 

She turned her back on him and stalked away. She did not look at any of her classmates. She stormed out of the room, leaving it all behind. 

If her parents would not let her come home, she would run away. She didn't need to go back there. She didn't need anyone to take care of her. 

"Miss Adema stop!"

She felt her body freeze in place. She tried to move but she was stuck where she was. 

Snape came around her and stood right in front of her. He stood over her, his eyes dark and menacing, full of anger and hatred. 

"Do not dare speak to me about love," he snarled, "about watching someone you love die and being unable to help."

He walked back around her and headed back towards his classroom. The charm holding Sofia in place broke and she turned around to call after him. 

"What, did your girlfriend get killed by your little Death Eater friends after she dumped you when she found out you were one too?"

"Enough!" Snape shouted, whirling around towards her with his wand out. "You are an ungrateful, arrogant child. Your cheek will be the reason your brother dies."

"Severus," a soft voice said. 

Sofia turned around. Dumbledore was walking towards them, a grave expression on his face. 

"Severus please, got back to your class. Miss Adema, follow me."

Snape and Sofia shot each other murderous looks before heading off in their designated directions. Sofia walked cautiously a step behind Dumbledore, not saying anything. 

"Miss Adema, you seem to be causing quite a bit of trouble since you have returned."

"Maybe you should expel me," she growled. 

He chuckled lightly. 

"No, Miss Adema, that would be giving you what you want. I think a better punishment is to make you stay here. Besides, expelling you would also give Voldemort what he wants."

Sofia stopped walking, staring at Dumbledore with a confused look. He stopped to and looked at her. 

"What do you mean?" Sofia asked. 

"Miss Adema, this year you have felt alienated and alone, have you not?" 

Sofia nodded as he continued. 

"At the beginning of this year I sought to teach you Occulumnency, but you stopped coming to lessons. I knew that if you did not want to learn, forcing you to come would do more harm than good. See, I believed that Voldemort believed that if you felt alone, you would be much more likely to comply with his orders. It is my belief that he has been placing these negative thoughts and emotions inside your head to try and make you vulnerable."

"But Sir, he has complete control over me. Whatever he orders, I must do. I physically cannot stop myself."

"That is where you are wrong, Sofia. See, he has complete control of your human body, as was designated by the curse that runs through your blood. However he has no control over your mind, your heart, your soul. If he can break your mind and thereby control your soul, then, and only then will he have complete control over you."

"How can I stop him from breaking me?"

"Push him out of your mind."

"Will you teach me?"

Dumbledore looked away for a moment, a sad look on his face. 

"I am sorry, but I believe you are beyond my help. You have never truly needed a teacher in anything. You learn on your own. Though when term started I hoped otherwise, I realize now that you must learn on your own. Now you had better go get ready for Charms class."

He turned the other way and began to walk away from Sofia. 

"Professor," she called after him. "What happened to the girl Professor Snape loved?"

Dumbledore stopped but did not turn around. 

"She married his greatest enemy and then was killed by the man Severus trusted most."

"Who was she?"

"Lily Potter."

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