Our Mural

17 year old Jamie has no friends and has walked alone most of his life. But he meets 2 other guys Carson, and Taylor, who change almost everything about him!


1. My Lifestyle

Jamie's POV


I woke at 6 am for school. I pulled a T-shirt over my head, put on my favorite pair of blue jeans, and a brown hoodie. “Jamie!” I heard a yell out from the room across from mine. “Coming” I yelled back. I walked into the room across the hall and found my 2nd grade sister up as early as I was, digging around in her closet obviously looking for something to wear. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Thank goodness Jamie!” her sweet little voice croaked. “Help me find something to wear!” she said with a little cough. I noticed her voice was all scratchy and I kneeled down next to her. “Hey baby starfish!” I said as she looked at me with her big dark brown eyes. “Wha-“she tried to say before being cut off by her coughs. “Come on baby starfish, the only thing you’re wearing today is your pajamas!” I said kissing her on the cheek and putting her down in her bed. “No, Jamie I’m fine!” she exclaimed as she tried to get up out of her bed. “Hailey, I’ll be back in a few hours” I said as I pushed her back down, kissed her once more and walked out the door closing it behind me.

 I proceeded downstairs and into the kitchen where my mom had put my toast on the counter. I quickly ate it at then, went to my car and started driving to school. I didn't bother turning on the radio, like most teenagers, because I never listen to the radio. I always listened to my music with my headphones. I hated the radio because they never played any music that I liked, and the songs they played were stupid. I pulled my headphones on over my head and started to listen to my favorite band, Get scared.

I got to school and went straight to my first class with my backpack and sat in my usual desk in the back corner. 10 minutes went by until class started. But with my headphones on I didn't bother to notice, and I put my head down and started drawing, like usual.

“Ahem” I heard a voice say from above. I quickly pulled the headphones off and heard laughter from all over the classroom. I shoved them into my backpack and cleared off my desk. The laughter continued but ignored it, and waited for lunch time to finally arrive.

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