Senara Lestrange is going to Hogwarts. Everyone is shocked when they find out who she is. After all, no one knew Bellatrix had a daughter, let alone a grand-daughter.
Pairings: James (junior)/Senara


8. Chapter 8

The next day was...filled with detentions. After lunch time, the 'awesome power girls', aka Cali, Bianca, Taryn, Senara, Aurora and Willow, all got detention. With Professor Flitwick. Every Saturday. Needless to say, they weren't very happy. But then worse happened. As they were getting out of the DADA class, Professor McGonagall wanted to talk to them all. When Professor McGonagall said that they would miss their next class, they were overjoyed. But then they all got detention again, this time with Professor McGonagall, because they were misbehaving to much in all their classes. That makes detention every Friday night and every Saturday morning for a month.  


"So, I heard you all got detention from two different teachers today. " said James, enjoying his food while teasing the girls. Bianca glared at him, mumbling 'yeah'. 

"What did you guys do?" asked the boy that was sitting beside James. 

When the boy said this, the six girls looked at each other and smirked.

"Last week we made all the books explode..." Said Aurora, making an innocent face. 

The boys laughed at this. 

"...And yesterday we made all the chairs except for ours turn into toilets..." continued Cali. 

"...And today we put a spell on the door handle. Anyone that touched it got a shock. " finished Senara. "In our defense, nobody got seriously hurt. And, we made sure that the next day, everyone that got hurt got ice cream. "

"Was that why we got a whole ton of ice cream by owl that night?" Alexander asked. 

"Yep!" responded Taryn. Then, more excitedly. "Did you eat it?" 

"Nope." said James. "We figured that we shouldn't eat food if we don't know where it comes from. "

The girls looked at each other sadly. 

"We were hoping you would eat it. It was bug flavored." Bianca responded, trying to look sad, but then bursting into giggles. 

So until midnight, or sometime very late in the night, Senara, Taryn, Willlow, Cali, Bianca, Aurora, James, Alexander and the two nameless boys that sat with James talked in the common room, telling stories about different things, mainly concerning pranks. Basically, they talked about everything Fred and George Weasley did to earn detention. 


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