Senara Lestrange is going to Hogwarts. Everyone is shocked when they find out who she is. After all, no one knew Bellatrix had a daughter, let alone a grand-daughter.
Pairings: James (junior)/Senara


5. Chapter 5

Their next class was care of magical creatures. They had this class with the Slytherins. This time, Senara decided to sit with Aurora, Taryn, Willow, Cali and Bianca. Professor Bulstrode took a great liking to Slytherins, but also Senara, since Senara had quite a good knowledge of magical animals. Professor Bulstrode started talking:

"Today's lesson will be about Doxys. Can anyone tell me what a Doxy is?"

Only Senara raised her hand. Professor Bulstrode nodded at her, so she spoke:

"A doxy is a small fairy-like creature. It can be mistaken as a fairy sometimes. Doxy wings can also be used as wand cores, thought doxy wing wands are rather rare."

She was about to continue when Professor Bulstrode cut her off:

"Thank you, Miss Lestrange. Everyone, please open your books to page 12 and read. When your done reading it, start writing an essay about it with the person to your left. If you cannot finish it in classes time, it will be homework but if you can, then you will have no homework."

The class was really interesting for everyone. Apparently professor Bulstrode was in a good mood that day since usually they would do review what they had done last year on the first day. Anyway, just to say that that was the best first class that anyone had. 


After that it was lunch. James had proposed Senara to sit with him and his friends for lunch. Although it was really tempting, she decided it would be better if she sat with her roommates to get to know them better. So she told James exactly that except she added that she would maybe sit with him and his friends some other time.

She headed to where Bianca, Cali, Willow and Aurora were sitting, all of them waving at her enthusiastically. She sat down and they immediately started a conversation. They were talking about their first day at school, each taking turns to talk. It was a very pleasant first day. 

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