Senara Lestrange is going to Hogwarts. Everyone is shocked when they find out who she is. After all, no one knew Bellatrix had a daughter, let alone a grand-daughter.
Pairings: James (junior)/Senara


2. Chapter 2

They arrived at a huge castle. With the knowledge she got about this school while doing research about it, she knew it was Hogwarts. Since she really didn't know what to do, she just followed James. They went into carriages. In their carriage there were five other people in their carriage. They were introduced to her as Scorpius, Rose, Hugo, Albus and Lily. She already knew that Albus and Lily were James' siblings because well, they are Potters. She discovered that Rose and Hugo were siblings and they were James' cousins. Rose, Hugo and Lily were Gryffindors while Scorpius and Albus. Scorpius was presented as Scorpius Malfoy. Senara thought about that name for a while. She was sure that she heard of the Malfoys before. She came to this conclusion; Scorpius was her cousin in 2nd degree. Wow! She had to tell Scorpius sometime in the future.

When they arrived in the Great Hall, there were the normal procedures. Professor Longbottom started calling out names. After the first years all got sorted, professor McGonagall got up and said:

"This year, we have a transfer student from Durmstrang. She is going to be in her fifth year. I hope everyone helps to make her feel welcomed at Hogwarts. Her name is Senara Lestrange. Keep in mind that she is her own person, and not her grandmother."

Senara walked forwards to the stool and put the sorting hat on her head.

"Hello Miss Lestrange. You have a very interesting mind. You love to learn, which is a Ravenclaw trait but you are also very brave, which is a Gryffindor thing. Furthermore, you are fiercely loyal to your friends but are also sly and cunning. Hufflepuff and Slytherin. All of the houses would be lucky to have you as a student. Let me think... Yes, it better be GRYFFINDOR!" the hat shouted the last word for the whole hall to hear.

There was silence for a few seconds before I heard someone start clapping. Looking up, I saw James, the boy from the train. Him and what I assumed were his siblings were all clapping. Slowly, the whole Gryffindor house started clapping too. Senara smiled at James before handing the hat to professor Longbottom and heading over to the Gryffindor table. James patted the spot next to him on the bench, motioning for her to sit down.

''Congratulations, Senara!" he said, clapping her on the shoulder.

"Thanks." she gave him a small smile.

"Do you play Quidditch?" he then asked her.

''Um..yes.'' she replied, caught slightly off guard by the question '' I played seeker back at Durmstrang."

''Good! I am the new quidditch captain this year so..." he trailed off ''Quidditch try-outs are next week on Tuesday at 5pm. be there.''

"Okay..." she said.

"Perfect!" James said, clapping his hands together ''Our other seeker graduated last year. You will come to the try-outs right?''

Senara laughed when he did puppy dog eyes at her.

"Okay, okay. I'll come." she said with a smile.

Maybe this year wouldn't be that bad after all.

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