Justin Bieber Imagines

All imagines for the beautiful fans out there, requests are aloud.


4. Valentines Day.





It was valentines day and your 2 year anniversary with  your boyfriend Justin, who you hadn't seen ever since he went on tour and he announced that he wouldn't be able to make it home for your date that you had planned. You were upset but you didn't want to show him since he was worried enough about the tour and the new album coming out.




Walking through the door you sighed when you saw Justin's name appear on your phone as you slid off your shoes, letting out a yawn as you answered. "Hey." You mumbled, not in the mood to talk to him. 




"Hey baby, how are you?" Justin asked in a happy tone, making you frown instantly. Why was he happy right now? Was he glad he wasn't with you on the most romantic day of the year or was he with someone else?




"I'm okay, I just miss you Justin. I'm getting sick of all this travelling, Idon't know how much more I can take." You explained sadly, walking into the hallway and dropping your bag. "Baby don't say that you will see me very soon." He promised, making you roll your eyes and walk into the main room. 




Stopping inside you felt your eyes widen and your body freeze as you took in the sight infront of you; candles lit all over the room and a blanket lying in front of the fire with two plates of your favourite food. Then you noticed the love of your life standing besides the food with a rose in his hand, dressed in a suit.




"W..what?" You stuttered, watching as Justin made his way over to you, a smile appearing on his lips as he stopped in front of you. "Hey baby. I told you I'd be seeing you shortly." He whispered as he leaned down and gave you a sweet kiss on your lips.




"But..the tour?" You asked, staring into his eyes as he handed you the rose. "I took a break, nothing is going to keep me away from you on the most special day of our life's. I love you Y/N and I always will." He said, kissing you again passionately. THE END.



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