Justin Bieber Imagines

All imagines for the beautiful fans out there, requests are aloud.


2. Sick in bed.





Your POV;




"Hey baby, how are you doing?" Justin asked as he pressed his lips to your forehead, causing a small smile appear on your lips as you looked up at him.




"Slowly getting better. Justin you shouldn't be here, your going to get sick and you have a concert tonight." You mumbled, cuddling more into the warm blanket, shivering as Justin pulled it up to slid in besides you.




"Y/N I don't care if I get sick or not, I'm staying here and take care off my sick girlfriend." Justin said as he slid his arms around your waist, pulling you into his embrace. "Now movie night?" he asked, flashing his perfect smile at you, knowing it drove you crazy.




Nodding your head you smiled back and watched as he climbed out the bed, putting your favourite movie on. The Notebook. Watching his movements you watched as his muscles flex as he moved around the room before returning to the bed.




Leaning your head on his chest you slid your hand under his shirt, feeling the tonned muscles underneath. "Baby you been working out lately?" You questioned, raising your head to see a smirk playing on his lips. "What can I say, I've got to look good for my girl." he said and pressed his lips against your gently.




Grabbing his neck you pulled him closer as you moved your lips together a small moan escaping your lips as his tongue licked along your bottom lip, begging for entrance. Parting your lips slightly he slid his tongue into your mouth, instantly exploring it as he gripped your hips tightly but not enough to hurt you. 




"Hm baby I've missed you so much." He whispered, pulling away to trail kisses down your neck slowly. Sucking on the sensitive spot he grinned as you threw your head back to give him better access, moaning softly as you grinded your hips against his. 




Pulling your top up Justin kissed the skin shown before throwing it onto the floor, watching as you fumbled with his belt. Dropping it so it joined the shirt on the floor you removed his shirt and boxers as he pulled down your shorts, a small moan escaping his lips as his eyes took in the sight in front of him. "Mine." He growled, pressing his lips against your passionately.




Gripping his jaw in your hand you bit down on his lip lightly, earning a groan from him. "Baby please just do it." You begged, knowing that he would give in. "Do what baby?" he teased, staring into your eyes. "Make love to me." You whispered. Tangling your fingers together he held them above your head as he swiftly entered you, moans escaping from both of your mouths.




"Y/N!" Justin moaned, shoving his head into your neck as he pumped into you slowly before picking up the pace, his hips thrusting against yours. Sinking your nails into his back you moaned loudly as he pleasured your body,  bucking your hips to meet each thrust. "Baby nearly there." He groaned in your ear, biting down on it lightly.




Nodding your head you bite down on his shoulder to hold back the screams that were close to leaving your mouth. "Fuck!" You shouted as you both climaxed at the same time, your body instantly feeling tired but relaxed.




Pulling out carefully Justin pressed his forehead against yours, his breath hitting your lips as he tried to calm it back down to normal. "Have I ever told you I loved you?" he asked, smiling widely.




Laughing you nodded and ran your hand through his wet hair due to the sweat, "Yes plenty of times."




"Go asleep now baby, I'll be here." He whispered, pulling you into his chest as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you slowly drifted off to sleep in his arms.








Hey guys! How is this for the first go? Please let me know by leaving a comment. Don't forget you can put in your own personal requests. :') 







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