Brokenhearted <\3

Scarlett is abused by her father, banned from the rest if the world. But when she finds the chance of escaping for good. She has no choice.

Scared, lost and alone... She meets a boy, a strange boy, she can not help but fall head over heels in love with him...


2. Escape

Scarletts POV:

The next thing i knew i was running for my life down the alley that stretched down the side of my house. My ankle shot pain up my leg every time i put pressure on it but i didn't stop. I had ran half way across town when i finally realised how unfit i was. I had been cooped up in that hell hole all these years never being able to get out and exercise. I wasn't fat as my dad never fed me but that run had drained every little bit of stamina i had. I willed myself to stumble on, looking at the gravel path i was walking on when suddenly i tripped, i fell forward but somebody's arms caught me.

I took a minute to take in the muscular tanned arms belonging to this person before looking up to their face. I couldn't believe my eyes, the person i was looking at was the most beautiful human being i had ever seen. I just had time to stare into his stunning blue eyes when he picked me up bridal style before i blacked out...

Authors note:

Heyy guys! Thanks for reading, im quite busy sorting out everything going back to school and revising for exams but i will try and make time to write more chapters. 3 likes for the next part?

- Kiera xxx

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