A New Life

The story is about a 17 year old girl, called Luna, who is a new born vampire. She has lived in a foster family since she was five years old, because her mother died by an animal attack. Or was it a vampire? When Luna become a vampire, she learn very quick to control her new craving for blood. With her heightened senses, she feel extremely powerful, and she feel like nothing can stop her. If she keep going like that, she might end up dead.


6. The Taste Of Blood

The taste of blood was so good! His blood taste like candy floss and chocolate. Mmm.

He didn't scream or yell out in pain. He didn't make a sound at all, but I could feel that he was choked. Maybe that's why he didn't fight back or said anything.

Then I couldn't stop, he just tasted so good, and I was afraid that I might kill him.

But suddenly someone pulled me back. I turned to his at the one that pulled me back and interrupted, and saw that it was Jackson.

"Easy. If you keep drinking you will kill him. Just try to relax.", he said as he tried to hold me back, away from the choked Zayn.

"Okay, I'll try.", I said and took some big breath, just trying to control my self.

When I had full control and was relaxed, Jackson compelled Zayn to forget what just happened.

"Okay, now he don't know what happened, but I didn't compel him to forget you. I thought that you might would keep him, so there you go. Just remember to be careful. Do you understand,"

I just nodded. I couldn't believe that I almost killed him! Zayn Malik, a member of One Direction!

But know I wasn't hungry and he couldn't remember, so it was all good for know. If I just could forget it, then it would be like it never happened.

He surprised me when he began to talk to me. I was so lost in my thoughts, that I almost had forgot he was there.

"Well umm... Why are we standing out here, where it's cold? Let's go inside, should we?", he said while reaching his hand out, waiting for me to take it. And I did.

When we came in again and after we had danced a little, (not that I can dance, but he forced me to do it) he asked me to come home with him. At first I would say no, but I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. Cause I really liked him. And I wouldn't let him go just like that. So instead I said yes.

Then we walked out to his car and drove to his home. And it was a huge home. So big that my home back in Italy could had been twice in here. And it was not a small home I had there, it was quite big, or at least until now. Now it was a small home I had.

But as I remembered Jackson said that I couldn't go home, not any more. It was kinda sad, but hey.. London is good enough for me. For now.

Zayn's P.O.V

After we came to my place, she didn't say much. Kinda lost in her own thoughts. But that had to change, so I tried to touch her hand, just to see how she was gonna react.

She just took her hand back and turned to look at me. God she looked beautiful!!! The way her long brown hair with curls, was sat up in a ponytail, made an urge to touch it grow in my hands. Just to feel if it was so soft as it seemed like. Her eyes where brown with a light in it, that make it seems like her eyes was on fire, a red light like a Christmas light chain. And it made me feel like I was drowning in her eyes. Her lips made an urge to press my lips against hers, and it was hard to resist. But I did it, I didn't want to ruin the moment.

"Is something wrong?", she asked and brought me back to reality.

"No, umm... Everything's fine. I just wondered... How old are you?", I asked and search after the right words to say. I was still half in a dream about my lips against hers.

"I'm 17, why?"

"Oh, I just wondered. Umm... Would you like something to drink?"

"No thanks, I'm fine.", she said in a weird way, like I had said something funny.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, totally sure.", she said and giggled, like I had said something funny again. It was kinda weird, but I let it pass, cause I didn't want to wondering what it was all night long.

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