A New Life

The story is about a 17 year old girl, called Luna, who is a new born vampire. She has lived in a foster family since she was five years old, because her mother died by an animal attack. Or was it a vampire? When Luna become a vampire, she learn very quick to control her new craving for blood. With her heightened senses, she feel extremely powerful, and she feel like nothing can stop her. If she keep going like that, she might end up dead.


1. My Story

It's 12 year since i came here, the small town Valle Santa in Italy. I was only 5 years old when i came in a foster family, and now I'm 17. If I remember correctly, I usually lived in Rome, or as we call it Roma. But that's long time ago and I have problems with remembering my mom.

When my mom died, I was told that she had left to a place where I couldn't visit her or see her. I remember that I was terrified and hurt, cause why did my mom just leave me? Without ever saying goodbye? But when I was 10 I didn't believe it, cause she didn't come back for me. Then I realized that she was dead and gone for good, but they never agreed with me when I said "She's dead". They thought that I couldn't handle it, if I knew. 

My "new" parents is called Ariana and Ricardo. They are very sweet to me and doesn't treat me like a child. They have a very sweet dog, that really likes me and I like him. His name is Max. And sometimes I go walking with him.​ My friends at school feel bad for me, cause I can't really remember my mom, and cause she's dead. But if you can't remember it, you can't feel sorry for it, right?

And sometimes I have these really scary nightmares, and I think it's about what I remember from her dead, but I'm not sure. The dream starts with me, in my room. It's dark, and suddenly I hear a woman scream, my mom. And stupid as I was, I walk down the stairs, walk slowly into the kitchen, and then I see my mom on the floor surrounded by her own blood. But I don't think I knew what was going on then.

And now 12 years later I know what killed my mom, a vampire and I'm totally sure of it. What else could it had been? Maybe if the moon had been full it could been a werewolf. But the moon wasn't full that night. And an animal attack is just a stupid idea.

But hmm.. What can I say? Of course they couldn't tell the truth, cause that would create panic among the people. Still I'm angry, cause they lie to me almost my whole life. And who can forgive something like that? Not me. 

When I'm in school my friends make me forget, that my mom was killed by a vampire, and the fact that she's dead at all. The only thing I thinking of when I'm surrounded by friends, is that I'm alive and have friends that cares about me, cause there is some that doesn't have friends.

My best friend's name is Alexandra Cashmere. And sometimes she can be weird. My ex is nice to me even after we broke up. His name is Ezio Auditore and he hate that I broke up with him, but I can see that he's moved on, and now we're just friends. When we broke up it was because I didn't feel... I didn't feel like myself, like it was another person who kissed him. Not me. 

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