A New Life

The story is about a 17 year old girl, called Luna, who is a new born vampire. She has lived in a foster family since she was five years old, because her mother died by an animal attack. Or was it a vampire? When Luna become a vampire, she learn very quick to control her new craving for blood. With her heightened senses, she feel extremely powerful, and she feel like nothing can stop her. If she keep going like that, she might end up dead.


11. Goodbye

That night I was out and hunt with Jackson. I was planning on telling him, that I have told Zayn about the real me. He wasn't gonna like it, I knew that, but he had to know.

We were going to a secret night club, where no one would notice us drinking blood from the people that was there. Cause there was so many other people, that actually looked like they were drinking from the them. But they just kissed their necks, nothing more.

"Who do you pick?", he asked me.

"I don't know yet. Maybe the lonely boy beside the bar over there? What do you think?", I questioned unsure. 

"Yeah, he looks fine for dinner. Let's take him.", and then we walked over to him, made it seem as normal as we could.

"Hi.", I said, before Jackson open his mouth.

"Um... Hi.", he said and looked nervous.

"Is this seat taken?"

"No, you can sit down, if you want."

"Great!", and then Jackson and I sat on each side of him.

Jackson got his attention and compelled him not to scream or make a sound. Then I bit his neck and got the first taste. He tasted like chocolate, but a little to bitterly after my taste.

When we both were done, he compelled the guy, to forget what just happened. We walked out in the middle of the dance-floor and started to dance. The DJ was playing a remix of some songs I didn't know, so we were just dancing like all the others.

After what felt like hours the club was about to close, so we was on our way home to get some rest. It was there I decided to tell him.

"Jackson I have something to tell you... Something important."

"Okay. Then tell me."

"It's something about Zayn... And I'm sure you won't like it."

"About Zayn, huh? Hmm... Now I'm curious, what is it?", he asked and frowned.

"Yeah, you see... I kinda... told him about me!", I quickly said afraid of his reaction. 

"You... WHAT!", he yelled and I shrank.

"I... I couldn't help! He knew something was going on, so he wanted the truth! And I gave it to him!", I desperately said.

"That's no excuse to tell him! You know the danger! If he tell the rest of the world, then we'll never be safe!"

"I know! But he promised not to tell anyone, and I trust him!"

"Why do you trust him? Why?!"

"Because he trust me!!", and then he shut his mouth in surprise. "I'm going to say goodbye to him tomorrow, and then I'm going to keep contact with him. I'm not letting him go, cause he didn't and won't let me go! So you can say what you want, but from know on it doesn't matter what you say or how many times you say it."

"I won't help you with this, I'm gonna keep vampire safe from the humans. And to do that, I'm not gonna have a relationship with a human. So, I guess this is goodbye between us."

"I guess it is." 

Then he turned his back on me and left me stand alone, with tear in my eyes. I'd never thought, that it would hurt so much to say goodbye, to the one that turned you to a vampire. But it did and it would still hurt long time after that.


It’s funny how the person who hurts you,

is the one who swore they never would 

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