From Hatred To Love

Academy.. fuck it! I hate school but academy is by far the worst thing in the world. I was in S4 and I was anorexic, that's where I got my nickname Anna-rexic - of course I was called Anna! being anorexic wasn't fun This gave every bully the opportunity to bully me and make me feel like shit. I hated this idiot at school but when he and I were paired up in class to do a project I guess something changed.....


5. text messages and class room kisses



 Anna's POV:


 I realized that Zayn had put in his number but put his contact name as ' your bf ', I laughed at him and felt a strange feeling to just kiss him. I didn't.. I did something a lot worse..

I reached my hand over to him and pulled his hand onto my thy - WTF was I doing??!! Zayn smirked again and I let his hand go. He kept it there for a while then slide his hand under my legs and lifted me on to his lap.

" Zayn don't - im really heavy!" I warned him.


Zayn's POV:

Heavy? Heavy?! she was lighter then a feather! I put my hands up her shirt and put my hands on her back, pulling her into a hug, I whispered " your not heavy babe! I wish you could see that your so beautiful!"

She immediately kissed me, I licked her bottom lip and slid my tongue into her mouth. I could smell her perfume, she even smelled amazing!

" Anna I need you to come round tonight - my parents are gone for the next 4 months - you can come over whenever!"

" of course ba.. I mean master..." she pulled away from me and sat in her own chair.

" you don't have to call me master!" I felt terrible! she wasn't a bitch, of course she wasn't! The end of school bell rang and the teacher was still asleep! I lost Anna in the crowd and walked to my motorbike. I saw Anna and offered her a lift - she got on the back and directed me to her house.

" bye angel!" I waved goodbye

" see you tonight babe!" Anna ran to her door as I left for home on my bike.

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