From Hatred To Love

Academy.. fuck it! I hate school but academy is by far the worst thing in the world. I was in S4 and I was anorexic, that's where I got my nickname Anna-rexic - of course I was called Anna! being anorexic wasn't fun This gave every bully the opportunity to bully me and make me feel like shit. I hated this idiot at school but when he and I were paired up in class to do a project I guess something changed.....


15. stolen, then got high


 Anna's POV:


" Not with out her!" My heart beat faster.

" Niall, just go I don't want anything to happen!"

" then tell me who you love, who you really love!" Niall yelled.

" Y... Y,youu.." Zayn cut me off by whispering 'murder' in my ear, tears rushed down my cheeks and I cried " I LOVE ZAYN! I will never love you Niall so,.... so ... so JUST GET OUT OF HERE!" lies.lies.BLOODY FUCKING LIES! I love Niall but that's why I said it.


Niall's POV:

My heart stopped, I thought I was dead, my whole world crashing as her deviled words spat out of her perfect, plump lips. I felt tears prick my eyes.

" Very well then" was literally all I said as I ran out of Zayn's house, the rain was my cover, it covered up the freezing tears that made my view watery, it covered my aching hert and it overed my broken soul! she was forever my one and only truest love...


Anna'z POV:

niall left- left the house, left my heart forever broken and he left me with the fucking rapist/murder.

" We are going all out now my beautiful baby girl!" Zayn's smirk was like a hickey, I could feel it- I knew the feeling so well, his smirk is what I hated- it was his smile that I loved! Soon Zayn pulled out a condom then a needle. shit.

" Whh...what the bloody Hell is that for?!!" I knew what it was.

" Its for you, now you cant escape because you wont be able to move my doll."He answered with the devil's smile. Drugs.


" Zayn - im begging you no! I don't do drugs!"

" you do know!" the needle was stabbed into my arm. I screamed for Niall. no one came... I saw stars and lots of colours. I felt happy, like everything was perfect. I started moving closer to Zayn and began to grind on him then I sucked his stomach down further to his buldge, I started to suck and I felt him go hard. shit. no only was Zayn and I fucking, I was high and he was loving every second of it! that sick bastard!

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