From Hatred To Love

Academy.. fuck it! I hate school but academy is by far the worst thing in the world. I was in S4 and I was anorexic, that's where I got my nickname Anna-rexic - of course I was called Anna! being anorexic wasn't fun This gave every bully the opportunity to bully me and make me feel like shit. I hated this idiot at school but when he and I were paired up in class to do a project I guess something changed.....


9. showers and being over powered



 Anna's POV:

 I loved singing in the shower, i started to walk back a bit but when i did, Zayn caught me and hugged me! - i was fucking naked and he only had his pants on! I looked to see if he was wearing any other clothes but i felt his smirk as he said " you will see that soon enough but right now my eyes are up here"

" get out- im naked i don't want you to see my fat body!" i cried as i ran to get a towel. i quickly covered myself up and cried on the floor. Zayn got out of the shower and lifted me up - please eat my baby girl," he said

" NO, i shouldn't have even fucking come here! im leaving and gonna ask if i can change partners - you fucking touched me!" i screamed. Zayn's face turned to anger,

" Your mine bitch, your a dog and im your master - you will come to my house eveyrday for sex, i can touch you and kiss you whenever i want. you will sit next to me in class and we will see each other at the car park everyday!" he growled.

" No!" i shouted back to him, he punch my stomach and i grabbed it. he grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs, to his room...

he ripped the towel away from me and kissed me, pressing hi body against mine - his kiss was tasteless and sickened me - it wasn't special or nice in anyway. He went into a drawer and pulled out a condom - i screamed and tried to get out but he was too strong, he pulled off his pants and rubbed my hand against his buldge. he moaned and pushed my head towards his buldge - i didn't really want to put my face anywhere near there so i put his hand on my - down below area- he smirked and started to finger me - in and out - it was torture- .... was Zayn going me?!


Zayn's POV:

i had to do it - i had to, i couldn't fall in love with her - i couldn't lose it all to one girl. I hated the idea of hurting her but she was a guilty pleasure- she was like my human drug- she was my heroine, cocain. i couldn't love her - i knew that i would fuck everything up and she would hate me but right now i could tell that she was loving it! her moans grew louder until we both grew tired. i punched her face and then kissed her breasts - she cringed but started to move her hand so i grabbed it and pushed it down my to my buldge, fuck it felt like i was high - so damn good but i knew deep down that i would regret it later!

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