Arise {1D Vampire Fan-Fic}

Emma Rose is a 17 year old who was always dreaming of being free ever since she was 5. Her parents of course never approved until one day, she just lost it. After high school she expected parties, clubs, etc with her best friend, Halliey Hunter. Her parents disagreed, they picked out GMU for her, of course she went along with Halliey but when she follows a light that leads her to the forest.. the darkness comes.
Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson are best mates, they fight side by side and are one of the strongest of the forest, but when they meet two special girls, will they become the weakest of the forest?


12. To fish a Beast

Emma's POV

When we finished our moment (<-- teeheehee) of silence, I spotted Harry walking out swinging a huge fishing net while whistling.

"Gonna try to catch some girls with that?" I asked. Harry stopped whistling and walking .. and swinging. He turned to me.

"Nope, I just need you." He winked and walked away. I turned to Halliey.

"GO!" She encouraged and smiled. I smiled back and walked to the door.



It was Harry.

"What the hell."

"I knew you'd be chasing after me."

"Like a wolf."

Harry stopped smiling.

"No, wolves are slow, jerks, and mean, you ain't slow."

"Mmm, nice choice of description." I gave a mocking smile and jabbed him in the stomach. I know it didn't hurt, but, It's fun, yo.

"Don't be like that babe, I'm going fishing and now I know you wan'a come."

"You're British not western."

"A'ight, muffin." 

I did a small chuckle and continued walking and found myself being his follower. Once we got to the lake, Harry gave the stinky man $2.

"Kid this ain't enough."

"You'd think that but in reality," Harry took a jar of worms and pushed up his arms in the air,"YOU'RE THE KID!" He said it like freedom. I couldn't help but chuckle. I mean, it's true. When we got to the dock, it was ... not so crowded, just, two or three ... three people there. He tied on two fishing poles and placed the can of worms in the middle.

"Let's go hurry up before it gets crowded."

I looked around.

"Maybe, when you're alive."

Harry helped me get onto the boat and after that, he untied the rope and hoped on which, frightened me a bit.

"You a pole, me a pole."

Honestly, this was my first time on a tiny wooden boat, honestly, I was scared. I took the pole. The worms.

"Ew." I said. Harry turned to me. He laughed at me, I was plugging my nose.

"They don't stink." He smiled. He took a worm and hooked it. I dipped it in the water, we both did.

"How come you don't spend time biting people like other vampires but instead go fishing?" I asked.

"My answer, how come you don't spend time studying but instead go out to clubs?" He replied. It seemed to make sense, ugh.

"I don't know."

"Hey wanna know a secret why I'm here?"

"Why?" I asked, with a bit of curiosity.

"Well, I don't mean to sound geeky but there's this type of beast fish that can kill the strongest creature alive as in a werewolf."

"Seems nerdy but I'll help." I said with a chuckle. He frowned -_-. 

"I bet I can scare you off this boat."

"You might." Replying to his sudden change of topic. I smiled at him. This guy, though.

"It's on."



Wow. Lame.

"FAILED." I laughed.

"That was just a distraction." Before I knew it he pushed me, I shrieked, my eyes were closed, I can still hear silence. I was dry, I think. Did I die? I opened my eyes.. Harry caught me, he winked, and started laughing.

"YOU ARE SO CRUEL!" I screamed, he laughed even more but I saw he was one hand on me and one hand on the pole.

"Harry what if--"

His pole got yanked. Crr. Crr. The boat started to shake. I started shouting Harry's name and within a second my words become bubbles.

I fell into the water.

I still was being urged to shout even though salty worm guts were rushing in my mouth, the bubbles became air, I was pulled up. I started coughing. It was Harry. He gave me a bottle of water and I chugged it all.

"I'm sorry." He said, he looked really depressed. I felt bad as if something was more over to my fault.

"It's okay." I placed my wet hands on his bare soft cheeks and smiled. His frown grew a weak smile. But his eyes were still hiding something.

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