Arise {1D Vampire Fan-Fic}

Emma Rose is a 17 year old who was always dreaming of being free ever since she was 5. Her parents of course never approved until one day, she just lost it. After high school she expected parties, clubs, etc with her best friend, Halliey Hunter. Her parents disagreed, they picked out GMU for her, of course she went along with Halliey but when she follows a light that leads her to the forest.. the darkness comes.
Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson are best mates, they fight side by side and are one of the strongest of the forest, but when they meet two special girls, will they become the weakest of the forest?


6. Killing The Source

Emma's POV

I woke up around 4AM, I thought everyone was asleep until, I saw Niall. He was staring at me. I waved. He ran to me like Harry did, he pushed me against the wall, his hands were placed on my hips. Then, a shadow pushed him on the floor.

"Bad boy." It was Harry.

"And you're messing with one."

Niall was about to grab Harry but I pulled him away.

"Stop it please!"

Niall stopped, he sat down, it was over, but Harry grabbed Niall and snapped his neck.



"You're unbelievable."

Harry's POV

Did I just KILL Niall? … Whatever. Emma. Did she like him? No, right? You can't love someone at first sight.. I don't really 'love' Emma it's just, finders keepers and eventually a toys gotta go. Then I turned around.

"YOU. JUST. KILLED. OUR. HOPE!" It was Louis. He looked really pissed.

"Agh GOD! This is worser than the college." It was Halliey this time.

"He murdered our source!"

"Harry why would you do that?" Emma asked. I felt like everyone was turning against me.

"STOP IT! I don't know OKAY?"



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