Arise {1D Vampire Fan-Fic}

Emma Rose is a 17 year old who was always dreaming of being free ever since she was 5. Her parents of course never approved until one day, she just lost it. After high school she expected parties, clubs, etc with her best friend, Halliey Hunter. Her parents disagreed, they picked out GMU for her, of course she went along with Halliey but when she follows a light that leads her to the forest.. the darkness comes.
Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson are best mates, they fight side by side and are one of the strongest of the forest, but when they meet two special girls, will they become the weakest of the forest?


7. Assholes & Assholes

Louis' POV

Out of all the things that idiot has done, this .. is by far THE STUPIDEST! I scrunched my hands together, then headed toward Harry. I was about to tear his neck apart but he blocked himself, then threw me on the floor.

"STOP IT!" Wait. It was Halliey who threw me on the floor.

"What now?"

"You guys need to stop fighting, whatever Niall knew, we can find out ourselves."

"What do you guys even want and/or need?"

"We need to prepare ourselves from the zombie attack."

"Nerds." Halliey coughed.

"Why are we involved?"

"To keep serve us." I replied.

"I'd rather--"

Hailley stopped. Then she took Emma's hand and walked away.

"Louis I--"

"Forget it." I threw him off.

Halliey's POV

"I don't want to stay with them forever, Em."

"Who said that I wanted to?" Emma stared at me as if I was stupid.

"Well how do you escape VAMPIRES?"

"Too bad there aren't any library's here."

"We can try to actually serve them until freedom hits us."

"I'd say that's crazy but that's the only choice we have, let's go!" Emma grabbed my hand and ran out the door, they were nowhere to be seen. I was going to run out the door but Emma tugged my hand. Then we walked to the tiny kitchen."It's all sacks of BLOOD!" I started laughing at the obvious comment she made. Then we stared at each other, it was obvious, Rock Paper Scissors. I chose paper, just my luck, she chose bear. I plugged my nose and grabbed the less bloody part of the paper.

"Eww," I screeched."You get the things."

"I have a question, now is blood a food or a drink?"


The she grabbed a cup and I poured it in. I started gagging. She walked outside, as I poured it in and came back with a rake.


She scoffed then gave me the rake.

"You catch the food." My jaws dropped. She was seriously going to make me catch some squirrels.


Then a with luck, two rats came across

"Kitten." She teased then stabbed the two rats. Then grabbed a paper plate and placed them on.

"Do we need sauce?" I don't know why I asked that. She smiled then went outside and came in with two handfuls of dirt  and sprinkled each hand on each plate. We washed our hands and went into their rooms.

"Are you two masturbating?" Emma asked.

"WHAT NO!" Louis hissed. Then we brought in their plates and cup.

"Eat it." I said smiling.

"Were vampires not tiny goblins."

I think I figured it out, Louis is the bright mean one and Harry is the strong go-for dumb no-brained one.


"I touched blood."

Then Louis stared at us. He took his finger dipped it in the cup, tasted it and nodded. 

"We'll drink the blood but not the dirty rat."

Harry was on his phone. Well that's the first he seems calm although we don't know what he's doing on there.

"Greaaat." I said plainly. Louis stared at Emma, she looked guilty for some reason.. Then he looked at her in the eye.

"What did you put in this drink?"

"Holy ashes."



Then Harry got up immediately and dragged her out of the room.

"What is he doing?" I asked.

"Building a wooden cage."

"You're mean."

"It's my job."

I didn't know what he was trying to do. It was hot, but he's caging my best friend.


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