Forever and Always

Allie Anderson. 18. Lives a normal life. Goes on vacation with her family to North Carolina. Meets a boy... you can find out the rest when you read the story(: Hope you like it. Put some constructive criticism if you think parts could be better.


1. Home and School

         Allie's POV:

         My eighteenth birthday is tomorrow.  Finally.  I can finally be an adult do what I want and live how I want.  Too bad it's only May.  School lets out June first.  

         "Allie, come downstairs. Now!"  my mom hollers.

         "What do you want mom.  I'm not done getting ready.  I still need to finish my makeup and hair."

        "Look Allie,  today is not your birthday, tomorrow is.  When tomorrow rolls around I could give two shits about your life, but right now, you are still seventeen, which means you still have to listen to me and follow my rules."

       "Damn mom, chill out.  I'm just running late today."

       "Don't use that tone with me and don't swear."

       "Okay, let me just finish my hair."

       "Hurry up so you can get off to school."

       Ugh.  I don't understand my mom.  Since dad died two years ago she's been all overprotective and cared what I do twenty four seven.  I grab my makeup bag, purse, book bag, and car keys.  I'm so ready to go on summer vacation.  

       "Bye mom, I'm going to school."

       "Bye honey.  Be safe."

       I toss everything in the backseat of my Ferrari California and head off to school.  I turn the radio up and lose myself in the song.  Before I know it, I turn into the school parking lot.  I see almost all of the other peoples eyes turn toward me.  I don't care.  I am one of the most popular girls at Eastwood High.  I go in my purse and look for my phone.  Shit.  I left my phone on the bathroom counter.  Well, at least I keep a spare flip phone in my purse. I see a blue Mustang pull up beside me.  Oh, it's just Michael.  I used to like him back in freshman year.  Now I like Drew.  He is the football captain and he is a senior just like me.

       "Hey Allie"  Michael says so coolly.

       "Hey Michael, what's up?"

       "You know, school.  Want to walk to Calculus with me?"


      I don't know why I get suddenly excited, we're best friends.  Actually just friends.

     Michael's POV:

    I got to school and I saw Allie sitting in her Ferrari.  I liked her ever since freshman year.  She really likes Drew, the captain of the football team.  He's a player, we all know that, but she doesn't want to accept that.  This is our senior year, and I still get nervous talking to her.  All I can manage to ask her is if she wants to walk to Calculus with me. I'd say we're not just friends, but friends with benefits.  I miss the times in freshman year when we would hang out at each others house and fool around.

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