Wherever You Are

While Niall is on tour with the band, they stop in New York City. Niall and Liam decide to go ice skating and end up meeting someone they didn't expect to meet, Niall's dream girl. She had long, chocolaty brown hair that cascaded down her back, freckles on her cheeks, and beautiful hazel eyes. When Niall has to leave New York, will him and this beauty keep in touch or lose each other forever?


8. Chapter 7

So if you didn't notice, the ending of the last chapter is the first chapter of the book. I don't know, do you guys like this story? should I continue it? I feel like the beginning was so much better than how it is now...

I'll do a few more chapters.


Ciara's POV

Niara is Back?

Niall Horan and Ciara Roberts, the couple from 2011 that we all adored, is back! The two were spotted at LaGuardia Airport, in New York, last week, having a little 'reunion'. Is she the reason our favourite Mullingar boy has been on the market all this time but not looking for someone? Now that he's off, no one could be happier. The ice skating couple is together again!


"Niall, did you see the article in The Sun" I ask.

"Yeah, I did. I can't be happier either."

"How do you know that..." I mumble.

"Because I have you" he whispers.

He wraps his arms around my waist, but not everything seems right. Niall seems out of it, not himself.

"Is everything alright" I ask him.

His body tenses in my grasp, and that confirms my thought.

"Everything is fine."

"No it's not Niall. Tell me what's wrong" I beg.

He sighs, lets go of my waist, and looks down at his feet. When the familiar blue eyes meet my hazel ones, they're full of confusion and hatred. Not for me, but for himself.

"Why would you ever forgive me?"

My heart shatters.

"Because I... I love you" I tell him, with all honesty.

"I hurt you though. And I didn't keep my promise."

I open my mouth to speak, but Niall stops me.

"You don't have to say anything, Ciara."

And he walks away. I pick up my phone to call Liam.


"Hey Li. It's Ciara."

"Oh hey Ciara! What's up?"

"Are you able to come here" I ask. "I think Niall needs a little Daddy Direction advice at the moment."

"Sure. I'm on my way."


Niall's POV

As I lay on my bed, thinking of all I do wrong, I hear the door creak open, but I continue my crying and thinking anyway.

"Niall, you in there buddy?"

I ignore whoever's at the door. Liam walks in and I look away.

"Niall. You can't keep hiding. And you need to talk at some point."

"I screwed up, Liam" I yell.

"No you didn't..."

"Yes. I did."

Liam looks down at his feet.

"This reminds me of the day when you thought you screwed up your friendship with Ciara. Do you remember the conversation we had" he reminds me. "And that it lead to you asking her out. Niall, this is the same thing. You think you keep screwing up, but you don't. You've never screwed up when it comes to Ciara. Not even with the Madison thing. But now that you have her again, don't you just want to never let go? don't you want to protect her and keep her safe, without any doubts about yourself?"

"You know I do, Li, but how can I do that when I do have doubts about myself?"


I finally resolved my problems. I realise I just need to enjoy the moments I have with Ciara because soon we will go on tour, without her, again.

"Where are we going, Niall" Ciara giggles behind the blindfold.

"Somewhere special" I reply to her.

I continue the drive and finally pull into the parking lot. I hop out of the van and open the door for Ciara. I then take her hand and lead her inside.

"Can I take off my blindfold yet?"

"Now you can."

She untied the back and takes it away from her eyes and scans the restaurant around us.

"Happy birthday, Ciara!"

"Niall, this is amazing!"

"Just like you" I say.

"Cheesy" she laughs.

"But you love it" I reply.

I lead her to the table and we sit down together.

"And no rush in eating babe. Brought Paul along to keep away any fans that spot us."

Paul looks over from the front door and waves, making Ciara laugh.

"Thanks Niall. This is so sweet of you!"

"Anything for you."

We eat in a comfortable silence, and I can tell that she is enjoying her 20th birthday.

"So, I know it's my birthday and all, but I have some great news for you" Ciara tells me.

"Oh really? And what's that?"

"I'm coming on tour with you!"

I nearly choke on my food.


"One of your dancers broke her arm last night and can't go, and since I did so well last time, I was invited to join again!"

"Ciara, that's amazing! Not for our dancer, but that's amazing!"

I jump out of my seat and walk over to her, enveloping her in a big hug.

"Yay! I love Horan Hugs!"

She giggles into my chest as I continue to hold her tight.

"And I have a surprise for you" I tell her.

Ciara's POV

Niall went crazy over the news, and I was so excited that I wouldn't have to leave him. He leads me somewhere, I don't know. we walk outside and into the moonlight, and we make our way to a gazebo, lit with many lights, vines and flowers growing around it.

"How do you always find the most amazing places" I gasp.

He sits me down and pulls out a guitar from behind the gazebo and begins to sing.

"For a while we pretended

That we never had to end it

But we knew we had to say goodbye

You were crying at the airport

When they finally closed the plane door

I could barely hold it all inside

Torn in two

And I know I shouldn't tell you

But I just can't stop thinking of you

Wherever you are


Wherever you are

Every night I almost call you

Just to say it always will be you

Wherever You are"

I blush and tuck a strand of hair behind my ear as Niall sings the songs he wrote with 5 Seconds of Summer.

"Torn in two

And I know I shouldn't tell you

But I just can't stop thinking of you

Wherever you are


Wherever you are

Every night I almost call you

Just to say it always will be you

Wherever you are"

Niall sings the chorus one last time.

"Torn in two

And I know I shouldn't tell you

But I just can't stop thinking of you

Wherever you are


Wherever you are

Every night I almost call you

Just to say it always will be you

Wherever you are"

As the song ends, I see Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn walk out, behind Niall. He walks over to me, the boys still behind him, grabs my hand, and helps me stand up. Then he gets on one knee and pulls out a ring.

"Ciara, will you marry me?"

I raise my hands to my mouth in shock, and tears begin to fall down my cheeks. Unable to speak, I nod.

"I love you Ciara!"

"I love you too, Niall."


THIS IS NOT THE LAST CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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