Wherever You Are

While Niall is on tour with the band, they stop in New York City. Niall and Liam decide to go ice skating and end up meeting someone they didn't expect to meet, Niall's dream girl. She had long, chocolaty brown hair that cascaded down her back, freckles on her cheeks, and beautiful hazel eyes. When Niall has to leave New York, will him and this beauty keep in touch or lose each other forever?


4. Chapter 3

Hey guys. So who do you think Chase is? maybe you'll find out in this chapter. Let's see how I feel while writting it...


Ciara's POV

Thursday comes along, and the boys are still short one dancer.

"What're we going to do" Louis whines.

"Wait a second" Niall says.

He grabs my wrist and pulls me off to the side.

"You said you wanted to be a dancer right?"


"And you know all the routines from watching us every night right?"


Suddenly I saw where he was going.

"No. No, no, no! I've never danced in front of anyone before."

"I've seen you dancing in the bunk area of the tour bus. Please Ciara. We need you" Niall begs.

I think about the possibilities of dancing, but also how Niall's seen me in my sports bra and booty shorts. Yikes.

"Fine. I'll do it."

"Yes" Niall gasps.

"Under one condition" I add. "You let Vanessa dance again as soon as she's better. I don't want to be a replacement for her."


Niall and I walk back to the boys.

"Ciara's gonna dance."

The boys cheer and rush me off to get dressed.


"Can't ever get it right

No matter how hard I try

And I try"

"Well I put up a good fight

But your words cut like knives

And I'm tired

As you break my heart again this time"

"Tell me I'm a screwed up mess

And that I never listen listen

Tell me you don't want my kiss

And that you need your distance distance"

Routine after routine, I dance around the boys. This is literally a dream come true, but I don't want to be a replacement. As long as Vanessa gets her job back, I'm good.

"Tell me I'm a screwed up mess

And that I never listen listen

Tell me you don't want my kiss

And that you need your distance distance"

As the song ends, I finish off the routine with a double pirouette.

"It was amazing having you all here tonight. Thank you New York!"

The boys jump off the stage, and I run off, grabbing a water bottle right away.

"Ciara, that was amazing" Louis exclaims.

"You're very talented" Liam agrees.

The others nod in agreement, Niall having this big smile, probably proud of himself at the moment.

"Aw thanks guys."

"Let's go for a celebratory dinner" Harry suggests.

The six of us split up to change and meet back up outside the dressing rooms, Niall and Louis in one, Liam and Zayn and Harry in another, and me and the dancers in the last one.

"Everyone ready" Zayn asks.

A chorus of 'yes' and 'yeah buddy' is shared among us as we walk outside and into the van.

"What's a good restaurant around here, Ciara? this is only our second time in New York" Liam asks.

"Planet Hollywood is always good" I tell them.

Liam drives off and I stare out the window. I see a little boy walking in the streets with his father and immediately think of Chase. Then I realize, it is Chase.

"Liam STOP THE CAR" I scream.

The car comes to a stop and I jump out, running to the little boy. I follow him quietly, trying not to let them see me. When I get close enough, I grab Chase's wrist, pick him up, and run off with him. I can see the man turn around and begin to run after us. I continue to the car and hop in, buckling Chase in. Liam drives away just in time.

"Ciara, what the fuck" Louis yells.

I hug Chase in my arms, and he wraps his around me, putting his head in my chest.

"Chase, these are my friends Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Boys, this is Chase, my 10 year old brother."

"Hi" Chase peeps.

He reburies his face in my chest.

"Hi Chase" Niall says. "I'm Niall. I've been taking care of your sister."

My little brother slowly relaxes and lets go of my waist. He sits up and gives Niall a huge hug.

"Thank you" squeaks his tiny voice.

"You're welcome Chase. We've been so happy to have her with us" Zayn adds.

"She's very nice" Harry agrees.

"And funny" Louis chimes in.

"And a great friend" Liam finishes off.

"She makes the best pancakes too" Chase yells.

The boys all look at me, except Liam because he's driving.

"I don't think we've ever had Ciara Cakes" Louis states.

"I want pancakes" Niall whines.

"You're getting your food soon, Ni. I just hope this traffic clears up" Liam sighs.

"Traffic? shit" I curse.

I turn my head and look out the back window to see my dad charging at the car.

"Chase get in the back and stay down" I order.

Chase quickly climbs in the back just before my dad reaches the car. One by one his fists bang against the window, trying to break them open.

"Idiot. Bulletproof windows don't break" Zayn laughs.

Everyone joins in on the laughter except me and Chase. We know what dad is capable of. Sure enough, he finds a way into the car. I feel myself being dragged out and hear Chase screaming my name. My arm begins to throb with pain, but I can barely feel it. It's more numb than anything.

I feel a body being ripped from mine, and I see Niall tackle my father to the ground. Everything seems to be going in slow motion as my eyes flutter opened and closed.

"Ciara, stay awake. Don't close your eyes" I hear Liam yell.

The muffled sound of police cars and ambulances fill my ears as I'm lifted up and slowly drift off.


2 days later

I open my eyes and take in my surrounding. White walls. White ceiling. White bed. White chairs.

Sitting on one of those chairs is a boy. I can't see his face, however. All I see is that he is wearing sunglasses and a hoodie.

"Who are you" I call out to him.

I realize he must be sleeping when there's no reply. Determined to get an answer, I grab an empty water bottle that happens to be my bed and throw it at him. He quickly straightens up and takes off his glasses. His recognizable bright blue eyes look at me and I smile.


"You're awake" he gasps. "Oh my god you're awake. I need to get a doctor and..."

"Niall, the doctor can wait. I'm fine."

He looks unsure but smiles after.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Ciara."

He holds my non-injured hand and looks at me with that same smile upon his face.

"Where's Chase? Is he okay" I ask.

"He's fine. A little upset that you're here, but he's having fun with the boys. Today Louis is taking him to the carnival" Niall replies. "I'm going to call them though, so you can see everyone, okay?"

I slowly nod my head as he walks out of the room. A doctor walks in after Niall leaves.

"Ah. Ms. Roberts. Nice to see you're awake. How are you feeling?"

"Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with me beside my arm."

"Well, you fractured your wrist and had an anxiety attack" the doctor replies matter-of-factly.

Louis walks in just then with Chase and Liam.

"Only three visitors at once. The others will come in after" Liam explains.

"Ciara" Chase squeals, running to my side.

"I'll let you all have family time" the doctor says, walking out.

Chase squeezes me even tighter.

"How're you baby boy" I ask.

"I missed you!"

"Oh yeah? What have you been doing with the boys?"

"Yesterday Liam took me to see Toy Story 3 and today Louis took me to the carnival. We won you a stuffed animal" he squeals.

"Oh thank you" I say as he hands me the large pink dog. "I love it."

I look up at Louis and say, "Thank you", sincerity evident in my voice.

He walks over and hugs me tight.

"I'm glad you're okay!"

"What about me" Liam jokingly asks.

He joins the group hug. As soon as everyone let go, Harry peeks in.

"What's taking so long? when's our turn?"

The boys say their goodbyes for now, and Harry and Zayn walk in. Chase stays in the room.

"There's the pancake girl. When you get out of here, I want pancakes" Harry states.

"Okay okay."

He gives me a hug.

"I missed you" Zayn tells me giving me a hug as well.

"I missed you guys too."

"How're you feeling" Zayn asks.

"I'm fine. My arm hurts and I'm a little tired, but what do you expect?"

"Right. I'm glad you're okay" Harry adds.

"Niall's really anxious to come in here, so we'll see you later" Zayn informs me. "C'mon Chase. It's going to get weird in here."

The three of them walk out, Chase holding Zayn's hand. Niall then walks in. He awkwardly walks toward my bed, and I immediately wonder if he's okay.

"So..." he begins. "I uh, I spoke to the doctor. He says you can come home tomorrow."

"That's great! What are we going to do with Chase? I mean, you guys are already having me with you..."

"He's staying with us" Niall cuts me off. "No arguments. He's a great kid. We just need to think about sleeping arrangements."

"Okay" I mumble.

We just sit in silence for a few moments, so I decide to speak.

"I'm sorry."

Niall looks up at me.

"For what?"

"I caused you guys trouble. If I hadn't went to grab Chase, none of this would have happened."

"It's not your fault" Niall tells me. "If anyone, it was your dad's fault. He's the one who found out how to break a bulletproof window."


I look down and fumble with my hands.

"Look at me, Ciara" Niall orders, lightly lifting up my chin. "It's not your fault."

I look into his ocean blue eyes to see if he was lying. His expressions are full of worry, concern, and hope. Slowly, I see Niall leaning in. Eventually I feel his breath on my face and realize what's happening. Our lips connect. I know I should stop, but I can't. The longer the kiss lasts, the more I want to never let go. Niall's the one to pull apart.

"I'm so sorry, Ciara. I-I shouldn't have done that."

Before I can say anything, Niall runs out of the room.

"What just happened" Liam asks, poking his head in.

A tear slips down my cheek. Liam rushes to my side after closing the door behind him.

"Shhh. It's okay, Ciara. Just tell me what's wrong."

I wrap my arms around Liam's neck and hug him tight, sobbing into his shirt.

"N-Niall kissed me... then he said it was a m-mistake!"


Niall's POV

I shouldn't have done that. Why did I do that? I'm such an idiot. She'd never want me. She doesn't like me like I do. I just couldn't stop the feeling that maybe she did. I guess I was wrong. She just looked at me shocked when I pulled away. That was enough for me to realize it. I'm nothing but an idiot to her. But I'm not just an idiot.

I'm an idiot who fell in love.

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