Wherever You Are

While Niall is on tour with the band, they stop in New York City. Niall and Liam decide to go ice skating and end up meeting someone they didn't expect to meet, Niall's dream girl. She had long, chocolaty brown hair that cascaded down her back, freckles on her cheeks, and beautiful hazel eyes. When Niall has to leave New York, will him and this beauty keep in touch or lose each other forever?


2. Chapter 1

Hey guys. So this is my first story. I hope you guys like it. The girls name is pronounced Keira. I just thought I should clarify. Please let me know what you all think.


Ciara's POV

I slip on my skates and pop my ear buds in, playing music for practice. I let my feet glide onto the ice and feel myself relax as I jump and spin to the tempo. I let the wind whip through my hair and coldness overcome my body as I lose myself in the chorus. One jump. Two jumps. Three jumps landed perfectly. I lift my foot above my head in attempt to do a scorpion. I successfully glide backwards as I hold it up. As I come out of the position, I skate past two boys. One brunette. One blonde.

"Watch out" I say in advance as I come fast towards them.

I lose my balance and brace myself to hit the ground but the time never comes. I look up to see I'm in the arms of the blonde, his sea blue eyes piercing into my hazel ones.

"Sorry. I should've been more careful" I say.

"No worries, Love. I should've gotten out of your way" he replies. "I'm Niall."


"And I'm Liam. I'll let you two talk" the brunette smirks, stumbling away on the ice.

"He's very clumsy" Niall tells me with a wide smile and small laugh.

He stands me up straight, and I smile back at him.

"So Niall, why the hoodie? I understand it's cold, but why not a hat?"

"Well it's not as complicated as it may seem actually. I simply can't be seen."

"Why not? you a criminal or something? hiding from the police" I joke.

"Hiding from paparazzi."

I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion.


Niall looks shocked.

"I'm in One Direction."

"One who" I ask. "Sorry, I don't go to school. I'm home schooled, and I only listen to classical, seeing as that's all I skate to."

"Ah. Makes sense then. One Direction, world's #1 pop boy band. We are on tour in America for now."

"That's cool. It must get pretty annoying having people follow you all the time, yeah" I ask, skating slowly so that Niall can stay beside me.

"A bit, but I love the fans. After all, I would be nothing without them."

"True. Do you ever just wish you had a normal life though?"

I am truly interested in this life he lives, and I'm not the slightest bit affected by the fact that he's famous. Just a bit curious.

"Well not really. I'm just a normal lad, but I have an abnormal career choice. I enjoy time on the road, however, because I'm with my four best friends."

"That seems fun. But enough about the fame. I bet you just want to talk about normal things" I say.

"Okay. Well, what do you do" Niall asks.

"I'm a figure skater and dancer" I tell him. "I've been practicing ever since I was little. my dream is to be a professional at either."

"That's cool. Well, as you know, I'm a singer, but I also play the guitar and love to play football."

"Football? like American football or soccer?"


I smile to myself.

"I play soccer too. Well, teach it. I do volunteer work for Autistic children."

"That's really nice" Niall states. "What's it like?"

He seemed so interested and like he truly cared about my answer.

"It's amazing" I begin. "When you can do something for someone in need, you get the most amazing feeling in the world. Your heart just feels complete when you see the little kids smile. When they get their first goal ever, you feel like you've accomplished something, like your purpose in life is to make that child smile even more. I've been doing it since I was eleven, and I'm seventeen now. Six years of volunteer work. I can't imagine myself not doing it."

Niall's face after my explanation is full admiration, care, curiosity, and interest.

"When is the next time you're volunteering" he asks.

"In one hour" I say, checking the time on my phone.

"Do you mind if Liam and I join?"

"Not at all, but we better head over now if we want to make it on time."

"Okay, but first, show me your little routine you were doing before."

Niall smirks at me as Liam joins him, and I skate to the center of the rink. Once again I put in my ear buds and turn on the music. I glide across the ice, jumping and spinning in time with the tempo. Sit spin, scorpion, and lunge. Spin, jumping spin, and arabesque. I land everything perfectly and bow as I close off the routine, laughing as I do so.

"That was outstanding" Liam comments.

"I'm speechless" Niall adds.

I cautiously step of the ice, unlace my skates, clean them off, and put them away. Niall and Liam take off theirs, returning them to the rental station. I grab my bag and walk off with the two boys.

"So are you from New York" Liam asks me as we begin to walk to the soccer field.

"Born and raised" I tell him. "What about you? Where are you two from?"

"I'm from Wolverhampton, England" Liam begins.

"And I'm from Mullingar, Ireland" Niall finishes.

"That's awesome. I love Europe!"

"It's amazing" Niall agrees.

"So who are the other band members" I ask as I stop into a coffee shop.

Niall grabs a magazine which I notice the two are on and points out the boys.

"Curly over here is Harry Styles. He's the cheekiest lad you'll ever meet. Then this is Zayn. He's dating Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Please never talk about that band in front of him. He will never stop blabbering about buying their album and stuff like that."

I laugh a little and smile at how he's such a great boyfriend. I'd want someone like that to care about me.

"And this is Louis. Be careful, he's a prankster, but he's a great person to look up to. Treat him like an older brother and he will treat you like a little sister."

"They seem like amazing people" I remark.

"They are" Liam says. "And Niall and I can't wait until you meet them."

"Until I meet them? what do you mean?"

I just met them. Surely they didn't mean kidnap me and hold me hostage, right?

"Yeah. We were wondering if you would like to come to our concert tonight" Niall asks.

"I don't have tickets."

"Right, but we do."


"You're on in five boys" a woman yells.

"Harry stop it" a brunette yells.

I recognize him as Louis.

"C'mon Lou. you know you love it" the curly haired boy, Harry, replies.

I walk over to the pair, Niall right behind me, and say hi.

"Who's this" Harry asks, surprisingly interested.

"Harry and Louis, this is Ciara. Ciara, this is dumb and dumber."

"Hey" Harry whines.

"Face it Haz. It's true. I failed school" Louis admits.

"It's nice to meet you boys. I've heard a lot about you" I say.

"Are you not a fan or something" Louis asks curiously.

"Homeschool and doesn't listen to pop" Niall informs him.

"Well that about sums it up" I state.

"It's nice too meet you too, Ciara" Louis recovers.

"Well, we better be getting on stage soon. We'll see you after the show. Then you can meet Zayn" Harry tells me.

The five boys run on stage just as the music starts and begin singing one of their songs. They're very talented, I must say. I didn't expect this from them.

"Hey, I'm Lou" a woman says introducing herself.

I look at the lovely blonde and smile.

"Ciara. I'm Niall and Liam's friend."

"I'm the boys' stylist. It's nice to meet you. Liam told me he thought we would get along."

"It's nice to meet you too. And who's this little girl?"

I look to the little baby in Lou's arms.

"This is my daughter, Lux."

"She looks just like her mommy" I say.

"Why thank you!"

During the concert, I met many of the crew backstage while listening to the boys' voices. It all seemed to be going well.

"Dancer down" one man yells.

"Call an ambulance" another says.

"What's going on" I ask Lou.

"Vanessa, one of the boys' dancers just fell and hit her head on a stage prop.

"Is she going to be okay?"

"I hope."

I see Vanessa rushed past me on a stretcher and into an ambulance. The concert was forced to end early, and five sweaty boys ran off the stage and towards me.

"Zayn, this is Ciara. Ciara, this is Zayn."

"Nice to meet you" Zayn says.

"You too. Is she going to be alright?"

"I think so. She hit her head pretty hard. I was right next to her and saw it happen. Let's just hope she'll be able to perform on Thursday."

"Niall, I think I need to get home now" I tell him.

"Okay, Love. Follow me."

Niall leads me to a van, and I hop in. He hands me the keys.

"I don't know how to drive on that side of the road."

"Right" I mumble.

I find my way through to crowded streets of New York City and stop in front of my house.

"I'll call you tomorrow. it was nice meeting you, Ciara!"

"You too Niall. Thanks for everything. The night was amazing. Tell the boys I thank them for being so kind."

Niall brings me in for a hug and I smile as I relax and wrap my arms around him.

"Bye Niall."

"Goodnight beautiful."

I make my way through the building lobby, into the elevator, and into my apartment.

"Where were you today?"

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