He doesnt know about you

Inappropriate language don't read if you don't like language like that


3. I'm sorry

Yasmin's (p.o.v.)

I was silently sobbing into my pillow I heard the door open then close I looked up and Valerie was gone she must have went to see what was happening.

Liam's (p.o.v.)

After Louis left I could hear light foot steps coming down the stairs me and the boys looked at the grand stair case and there was Valerie she was coming down her face had tear stains she came up to me and started crying in between sobs she asked" are (sob) you (sob) my (sob) daddy?" I bent down to her eye level and said " yes " she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck a silently cried saying " I always wanted a daddy " I looked up and all the boys and Louis's mom had tears in there eyes and Niall was already bawling his eyes out. I pulled back from the hug and looked at Valerie she was a miniature Yasmin she looked just like her I realized that I mite be in love with Yasmin. I looked at the stairs and there stood a tear stained Yasmin looking directly at me.

Yasmin's (p.o.v.)

I was walking down the stairs when I heard Valerie ask if Liam was her father and he said yes I walked down and started crying at what I saw Valerie hugged Liam and said" I always wanted a daddy" Liam pulled away from the hug and looked at Valerie then his eyes met mine he whispered something in Valerie's ear and he walked in my direction he asked " can I talk to you in private " I nodded and lead him to the backyard I sat on the chair on the deck and Liam sat next to me he asked " why didn't you tell me about Valerie you obviously new you had sex with me" I looked at him on the verge of tears and said" what was I suppose to say just come up to you and say oh Liam you are the father of my daughter and tell Louis oh Louis I had sex with your best mate and I'm pregnant " now I didn't care I let the tears flow freely. Why did this happen to me.

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