He doesnt know about you

Inappropriate language don't read if you don't like language like that


4. I realized I'm in love with you

Liam's (p.o.v.)

I scooted closer to Yasmin and pulled her into my chest she silently sobbed I rubbed circles on her back after a few minutes she pulled away and I just said it " I think I'm in love with you Yasmin Maria Tomlinson "

Yasmin's ( p.o.v.)

I pulled away from him and he just blurted out " I think I love you Yasmin Maria Tomlinson " I didn't now what to say but I did now I had feelings for him that was another reason I didn't want to tell him I was pregnant I was afraid he would brake my heart and say he didn't want anything to do with me our Valerie. I looked up at him and said " Liam I've been in love with you since the day we meet" he then said " then why didn't you tell me Valerie was mine three years ago " I said " I didn't want you to brake my heart and say you didn't want anything to do with me our Valerie and just leave me so I chose not to tell you and raise her on my own but every time I look at her I see you she is just like you she is caring, sweet , nice , and just like you " just then Valerie opened the door and came running saying " daddy are you and mummy going to be together ?" Liam looked at me with hopeful eyes I smiled and said " yes sweet heart we are going to be together ".

I'm sorry this chapter is so short I've got writers block but I'm glad you like my stories

Always- Jasmin <3

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