The secret house

What if there was a secret house in Hogwarts,for students who couldn't be placed in Hufflepuff,Slytherin,Ravdnclaw,or Gryffindor??That is a secret between some of the staff and its members?That only the best get in???
Ariana is a regular teen,until she gets excepted into Hogwarts.And when she gets into the special house,she feels amazing!!
But as time goes on,she wishes she never even opened that envelope ........


2. The journey

I wander around platform 9 3/4,waiting for Hagrid.It was strangely chilly outside,even though it was supposed to be summertime.I stare at my medium sized purse,trying to figure out how "everything I needed"could fit inside of it.A really tall man with a scraggly beard looks down at me.I freak out thinking "STRANGER DANGER!!"But then I wonder;is it Hagrid??Well yah,he'd be a stranger..

"Hello mr.Hagrid!"I say.He extends his hand for me to shake,and I have to look almost directly up   to see his face."No need fer that-just call me Hagrid.Nice to meet ya,Ariana.Now come along,we need to get yer  supplies!"He walks towards the parking-lot,expecting me to follow.We walk to a large motorcycle.He hops in."Are ya comin'?"I jump into the side-car.I feel a bit nauseous for some reason."Whoa!!"I start screaming ."Why is everything shrinking??Wait..Why are we flying??"Hagrid has the look on his face:why is everybody like that??I know I would vomit,so  instead,I go to sleep.

"Wake up!"My groggy eyes open.We are in front of a brick wall.Hagrid pokes a particular brick with his umbrella tip.I notice the tip of his umbrella is old and rusty;probably from hitting that walk so many times.all of the bricks flip apart,reminding me of a puzzle.They open to form an opening.

Ahead,beautiful buildings line the streets.I see all kinds of shops .Olivander's Wands shop sounds cool." got the  list?"I nod.We walk into my new life.

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