I have to babysit daddy's boyband(1D)

My name is Juliet Cowell I am 24 years old. And
yes my father is THE Simon Cowell, big whoop. So
whathe produced One Direction who cares. I
haven't spoken to my father in 6 years since he
told me that I could not become a singer and
actress. He said that he would want be to stay
with him and become his perfect little girl but
that all turned around. When I was 18 I left home
without a note and moved to Vegas. Ever since I
left I started partying a lot and getting drunk at
clubs. I would also gamble; I was really good at it.
I had bought myself a mansion, a Lamborghini,
and 2 Ashton martins; one black and the other
white. When I would go out to clubs at night
sometimes the paparazzi would follow me, I
would answer almost all of their questions and
would tell them about how much of a jerk my
father is to me. I had dated the hottest men
around. David Beckham, Taylor Lautner, Justin
Bieber and many more. I know what you thinking,
your thinking that I get around alot honestly


2. Chapter 2

I woke up confused to as where I was. The last
thing I can remember is my dad texting me, and
then being dragged away.
"Where am I?"
A voice one I hadn't heard in a long time said
coming through the door.
"Darling your awake you hit your head on the tire
but now your okay so I need to ask
you something" Said my dad. Oops looks like i've
voiced my thoughts once again.
"What is it now?" I asked obviuosly annoyed.
"I kinda need you to be with One Direction for
their whole tour. Yes they are mature but they
will at times need guidience. And your have an
amazing voice and your not afraid to tell it how
it is and try to fix the problem.
"What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You expect me to be on tour
with a bunch of boys. One's infact that will make
it hard for me to even go places. Im already being
bombarded with photographers now but theywill
try to make a story out of this!!!"
"Please darling if you do this I will let you become
a singer and actress. I know this is well over late
and the fact that you even waited still for my
permission lets me know that this is really
important to you."
" I do agree with you. This is well over due. But I
will do this on the terms whenever Taylor Launter
comes over he is always welcome or when he
visits me on tour."
"Thank you so much Julie. I love you so much."
"Haha very funny dad. So now that this deal is
done where are they?"
"They are here at my house. Thats why I brought
you here, because they start their tour here in
"Alright it's time to meet the boys."
As I walk in the room 5 of the boys stop what
they are doing and stare at me with these
adorable smiles. Wait what am I thinking I don't
even like them. Hello I am Juliet Cowell, you may
know me as Simon Cowell. But yeah, hello.
Liam POV
When Juliet walked in the room I felt like I was in
heaven, she was the most beautifulest girl I have
ever seen in my life.
Harry POV
Cowell is the hottest chic I have ever seen before,
her big boobs and bum and her curves turn me
on, but what mostly turned me on was her
attitude, only one word to describe it.
Niall POV
She was the most beautifulest women I have ever
laid my eyes on. I would give up a whole bunch
of potatoes and Nandos just to have her be mine.
Louis POV
HOLY MOTHER OF TOMS!!!! She is one smoken
hot babe. I need to change out of these gay
clothes and bring the SWAGGMASTER FROM
DONCASTER back to London for her.
Zayn POV
My mouth was literary drooling when I first laid
eyes on her. My gosh was she beautiful. One of
my turnons is bad asses, and she is definitely was
one from what I have heard.

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