Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


16. Ice Cream

“Niall don’t you even think about it!” I squealed running from the childish man chasing me with his hands covered in ice cream. “But Luccccccccccccy, this would look so good all over your face!” he chanted back staring at his hands. “I swear if you come any closer this cotton candy will be in your perfectly combed hair! Are we clear?” I waved the cotton candy in front of him and he swerved it as if it was fire. “Now that, that’s pure evil” he tilted his head to the side – a smirk playing on his lips as if he was planning on something evil. We stood about five paces away from each other, Niall held out his hands as his weapon and I held out my cotton candy stick as mine. The world passed by, adults and their children ran past, swerving in and out from where we stood staring at each other, the rain had started to drizzle once more but that wasn’t stopping mine or Niall’s fun. Niall gently and silently placed one foot in front of the other probably hoping that I hadn’t noticed. “Come closer pretty boy, I dare you” I threatened raising my eyebrow, pouting, a little laugh escaped from his lips before he dived towards me making me throw the cotton candy to the floor in surprise. His hands cupped my cheeks and our eyes connected, I could have sworn that his lips were getting closer to mine but before I knew it his finger met my nose and reality hit me.

I was now covered in Ice cream.

“I hate you” I whispered through my lips, rubbing the stickiness of my face with the hoodie I was wearing.  “Mhhmm” Niall murmured smugly in success, I hit him on his shoulder trying not to smile because I was mad at him. “You owe me cotton candy, you made me drop mine” I stared at the lump of pink fluff that had landed in a puddle it was gently dissolving. “Payback” He stated back leaving me confused “Payback for what exactly Horan?” I raised my eyebrow staring him straight in the face, “Derby scored” the smirked that played on his lips was now a full on smile, and my serious face broke out in a laugh “I still hate you” I pushed his shoulder and he grabbed it and acted in pain “You’ll love me again in five minutes” he winked, “Come on we should get home” He beckoned me towards the train station I ran after him leaping onto his back bringing my mouth to his ear. “Giddy up horsey” a few laughs left my lips.

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