Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


7. Drunk

Harry had gone off somewhere, probably drinking and dancing with his mates leaving me alone in a booth with my own thoughts. I shouldn’t have kissed Niall that was plain to see, but there’s something about him. He makes me laugh more than Harry will ever be able to, and I can be myself and not be frowned at. This is such a shit situation. Torn between two and either scenario won’t end pretty.

Downing my drink of vodka and coke, I made my way to the bar to order my sixth drink or should I say stumbled my way to the bar. Pushing through the crowds of people on the dance floor Louis pulled my waist shouting above the music “Lucy dance with me whooooop whoooop!” he was so wasted. “I need a drink” I slurred back to him laughing pulling away from him waving my empty glass in his face “Oh man you are so funny did you know that? I bet you didn’t. And I love you Lucy. I do. Whoops don’t tell Harry I said that he will gooooo ape shit. But you are such a beautiful person and you care so deeply about my best friend you make him bloody happy. Lucy can I tell you a secret?” he looked at me seriously - as serious as a drunk persons facial expressions could be anyway, “Yeah hit me with it Louis your killing precious time here” I smiled, he pulled me close and bought his mouth up to my ear “I think......” he paused “I’m a little bit drunk” he laughed loudly before backing off and blending in with the crowd, I stood in the same position shaking my head laughing before turning around and heading to the bar.

“Vodka and coke please” I battered my eyelids at the bartender “Sure sweetheart, anything else?” he whispered back seductively, “No that’s it thanks” I smiled sweetly “Well in that case can I get your number” He replied leaning on the bar practically in my face. “I have a boyfriend sorry” I laughed, as a hand was place on my shoulder making me jump, looking up I was greeted by two blue eyes, the bartender instantly shoot up and went off to get my drink, obviously assuming that this was my boyfriend. “Yeah that boyfriend you have, is over there grinding with about 5 girls” Niall gave me a concerned look pointing to the corner. Gazing in the direction that Niall was pointing my eyes met with Harry’s body.

Niall wasn’t wrong.

 His was situated in the middle of around six girls all fighting for his attention his body grinding against this blonde bimbo. My heart was being ripped apart in front of me, I wanted to remove my eyes from him but I couldn’t, all of a sudden tear began to stream down my face and Niall placed his hands in mine, ripping my eyes away from Harry I looked up to Niall. “Let’s leave” Niall shouted over the music I wanted to say no, I wanted to run over to Harry and scream sense into him remind him of who I was.  But something else was telling me to go and not make a scene. Nodding I picked up my clutch bag and allowed Niall to pull my arm through the crowd his hand still in mine.

“Here take this, it’s cold outside” Niall handed me his jacket, putting it around my shoulders I braced myself for the cold November air. Tears still streamed down my face and Niall placed his hand in mine once more leading me through the exit of the night club.

 Flashing lights came from every direction and I heard Niall murmur “Shit”.

The paparazzi are going to have a field day with what this looked like.

 Harry Styles’ girlfriend leaving the night club hand in hand with his best friend.

For once I couldn’t actually care less, let the take as many pictures as they want, I hope it tramples Harry’s heart as much as he just trampled on mine. 

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