4. Abused

"They'll get mad and find me, and god knows what else." Mal complained

Marlene won't tell her the real reason. She loves her parents too much even though she gets hurt.

"Gabi, just go home. I change my mind. I'm not living with you." Marlene stated

"But..." Gabi started

"I SAID GO HOME!" Marlene yelled as she started beating her best friend up.

"HELP" Gabi screamed

Jason was driving around and he saw two girls fighting. He thought he'd keep driving but then he came closer and saw it was Marlene and Gabi. "OMG" Jason thought.

Jason got out of the car and pulled Marlene off Gabi. He shook Mal until she came back to. Mal saw bruises and blood dripping from Gabi's face. She gasped and looked down to see her fists clenched. She...

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