Claire was your average normal collage student. Got great grades had a lot of friends and one good summer job. Her life was just as normal as anyone else's until HE came into it. HE ruined it all. HE got her kicked out of collage. HE got her fired. HE ruined her life.


7. Niall Horan

Heyy! I'm Niall. I'm a student at U.N.I.! I have a crush on Claire. I just think she is so awesome and kool and hot!

About Me?
Looks: Blond Hair, Blue eyes
Age: 19
Personality: Loud, <3Food<3, bubbly, Crazy
Backstory: My mom and Dad split while I was young but I have 1 older brother named Greg. I use to live in Mullinger, Ireland but we moved to London a few years ago. I started to go to U.N.I. to study music cause I play guitar and sing a little bit. I have always wanted to be a famous singer like Michel Buble. He is my idol.  But anyways I really wish Claire could see that I like her. I go to the diner she works at to 'study' every night. The way she just glides from table and booth even when she works behind the bar. They was she smiles when she noticed a regular customers. Or how she rejects the teenagers that come in here and try to hit on her. She is everything I want. I just have to find a way to see if she likes me.

<3 Niall

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