Claire was your average normal collage student. Got great grades had a lot of friends and one good summer job. Her life was just as normal as anyone else's until HE came into it. HE ruined it all. HE got her kicked out of collage. HE got her fired. HE ruined her life.


8. My Girl

Claire's P.O.V.

"3 shots over please fine lady!!" and there's another one. These old men are always hitting om me because of the outfit our boss makes us wear to work. Skimpy short skirts and crop tank tops with heels. But this was the only thing hiering when I needed a job see. Kill. Me. Now.

I poured 3 shots and brought them over to the man at the bar who ordered them. 

"Here you go sir." I said plainly. I went to walk away and just add ti to his now 67$ tab when he grabbed my wrist. I turned around and he pulled me in so I could smell his breath on my face. Eww.

"We cant finish these alone sweet cheeks." he said pointing to his just as equily drunk friend, "why dont you join us?" 

Before I could answer a guy with jet black hair, in a white V-neck and black leather jacket and skinny jeans came up to us.

"Get your grimy discusting hands off my girl!" he spoke. There was a hint of ciggarette smoke on his breath with a hint of pepermint.

"Your girl?" me and the drunk guy said at the same time giving him a look.

"Yes my girl! I didnt studder did I?" we stayed silent "I didint think so." He forced the drunk guys hand off my wrist and sat at the bar stool right in front of me.

"Thank-you for that back there, but you didnt have to call me your girl." I said trying to sound as polite as possible.

"Yes I did." Well he didnt even accept my apoligy. Who does this guy think he is?!

"And why is that Mr........"

"Malik, Zayn Malik." he said.

"Okay Mr. Malik why did you have to call me your girl?" I asked getting annoyed with his attitude.

"Because you are my girl, why else would I call you that?!" Da Fuck?!?!

"'Your girl' I have never even met you. How can I be your girl if I didnt even know your name 5 minutes ago?! Look Zayn I dont know who the fuck you think you are but if this is the way you try to get girls to like you. The girls you have been with are probably dumb as shit for falling for that.!!" I said angry. By now everyone in the diner was looking at us including my boss Mason.

"Is there something wrong Claire?" asked Mason. I scuffed and through my apron on the counter.

"No, I was just leaving my shift is over anyway. Have a nice night Mason." I said as I stormed out of the Slims.

~At Claire's Flat~ 

After that whole thing his name was at the diner, I just decided to go home and take a nice relaxing bath.

I love taking baths because it seems to be the only time I can think and be to myself. I like to think about mostly my aunt. I know, I know. Why are you thinking of your aunt in the bath tub? Well because she was my everything. I lived with her for 5 years just to get a new perspective of things. I was missing my dad since he is almost always away on buissness and my mom wasnt acting herself. My aunt helped me with everything I ever had trouble with. She was like a second mom to me. My life has always been good I guess but not after that night. 


I was about 7 years old and I was missing my mom because I was staying at my aunts so she said she would take me to her. Well before we got to far on the road we stopped for gas and I stayed inside the car while she went inside to pay for the gas. While she was inside I was 4 guys in all black run in and start shooting. I was so scared. After a while all the shooting stopped and the guys ran out the front door. I got out of the car to go check on my aunt. I walked in and what I saw nearly killed me. there were bodies eveywhere at least six just by the front door. I went over to the counter and saw my aunt lying on the floor with a whoe in her head and heart. I kneeled beside and held her hands in my small and waited or the cops. 

~End of Flashback~

I hadnt noticed I was crying until I saw the little drop in the water. I got out the bath and wrapped the towel around my body and walked to my room to find the door open. Did I open that? I walked in slowly and saw nothing. I let out a sigh of releif, that was until i felt someone wrap their hands around my waist and put their hand on my mouth.

This mystery person started sucking on my neck giving me a love bite. I tried to get out of their grasp but they held me so tight. That one sentence left shivers down my back and I then knew exactly knew who this mystery person was. 

"I told you, you were my girl." 

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