Draco Malfoy and the Better-Than-Potter's-Broomstick

The sequel to Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake. Join Draco as he embarks on his hilarious second year at Hogwarts through numerous scrapbook entries. Made for laughs. Enjoy! XD


19. Messaging...

Your Conversations:


Me:  Hey Pansy! I know just how excited u r 4 2nite, but I just wanted 2 let u no dat u don't HAVE to kiss me if u don't wanna <3<3<3 although I am extreeeemely attractivo.

Pansylurvesgoyle4eva:What's 2nite...? It sounds awful...and wth r u talkin bout???

Me:  Oh, yeah, I mean, it like, doesn't hurt at all that u 4got our date...U 4GOT OUR DATE?!

Pansylurvesgoyle4eva:  Help! I mean, of course I remembered! Just don't make me sit anywhere near u!

Me:  Hey! We're in lurrrrveee <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Pansylurvesgoyle4eva: The only person I'm gonna b in love with is the taxi driver who picks me up X(

Me:  Not funny :-S

Pansylurvesgoyle4eva changed her name to Pansylurvestaxidrivers4eva

 Pansylurvestaxidrivers4eva: erm, excuse me? R u like, offending me??? Cos I'm the one who is just about to cancel comin!


PPansylurvestaxidrivers4eva:  That really isn't helping...I'm about 2 cancel...

Me:  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!! I'll...give u my unicorn panties! 

Pansylurvestaxidrivers4eva: Still about 2 cancel...

Me:  Um, um, um, I'll...give you my unicorn panties AND my Pinkalicious Hair extensions??

Pansylurvestaxidrivers4eva:  Canceling, canceling...

Me:  Aghh! Um, new approach...I'll...never talk 2 u again! NEVER EVER AND I MEAN THAT!

Pansylurvestaxidrivers4eva : I'M COMING! C U AT SEVEN!!

Me:  YAAAAAAAAY! Wait...I can't talk 2 u ever again? 

Pansylurvestaxidrivers4eva went offline.



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