Draco Malfoy and the Better-Than-Potter's-Broomstick

The sequel to Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake. Join Draco as he embarks on his hilarious second year at Hogwarts through numerous scrapbook entries. Made for laughs. Enjoy! XD


8. Draco's Cheesy Chat-Up Lines...

Draco: Hey, Pansy, you're like chocolate.

Pansy: What?! I'm sticky and brown?

Draco: No, no! Damn, this has gone badly wrong...You're sweet!

Pansy: OMG that is seriously awful...


Draco: Hey, Pansy, did you just fart back there-

Pansy: Um, what! No way did I fart! Who do you think you are to accuse me of that!

Draco: No! You didn't let me finish! Because you blew me away!

Pansy: I'll blow you away if you don't SHUT YOUR MOUTH!


Draco: Hey, Pansy, did it hurt?

Pansy: Wait, you mean when you beat me in the charms test?! You've asked me to talk to you and now all you want to do is gloat?!

Draco: What?! No!! It was... When you fell from the sky, you.... Angel - Pansy you're not going to hit me with that chair are you?! Pansy?? Pansy??!!

*Chair slams into Draco's head*


Draco: Hey, Pansy, Do you believe in love at first sight or -

Pansy: Wait, how did you know about my crush on Crabbe?! Well, you know, it was kind of a first sight thing...

Draco: No!!! No, I was going to say or do I have to say that again... Wait, Pansy, where are you going?!

Pansy: One second, I'm just going to go talk to Crabbe....See you....


Draco: Do you have a sunburn or.. -


Draco: Well.... I was going to ask if you were always this hot but....

Pansy: Well I'm feeling very cold when it comes to you, Matilda.


Draco: Are you an interior decorator?

Pansy: Wait, now you're asking me what muggle job I do?! I'm a witch, I'm not a muggle you overgrown unicorn!

Draco: B-But I was going to explain how the entire room became beautiful when you came into the room....

Pansy: I am refusing to talk to you. Forever. Your chat up lines are simply embarrassing....


Draco: Are you religious?

Pansy: Why do you care? 

Draco: Because you're the answer to all my prayers!

Pansy: Well bad luck Draco, because I'm the religious one and you're NOT the answer to mine!


Draco: I thought happiness started with H...

Pansy: What else would it start with?!

Draco: But now I see mine starts with U!

*Throws dictionary at Draco's head*


Draco: Are you a parking ticket?

Pansy: If I'm a parking ticket, you're the Queen of Unicorns.

Draco: Becuase you've got.... Wait? I'm the a Queen of Unicorns?! No way!!! Awesome!!



Draco: Do you live in a corn field?

Pansy: Um.... I live in Hogwarts, same as you stupid!

Draco: Yes, but... I'm STALKING YOU!!!!!!

Pansy: No, you're just really, really scaring me!!


Draco: Hey Pansy, do you like unicorns?

Pansy: Well, erm... I guess....

Draco: Great!! I love unicorns too!!! Do you want to kiss me now?

Pansy: You'll be lucky if you get pizza and a movie...

Draco: Wait?! You're going to come and eat pizza and see a movie with ME?!

Pansy: Hmmmmm... Well, I DO like pizza....


Pansy: What have I just gotten myself into....?!







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