Melody || Loki Fanfic

When Thor begs Loki to come home for what feels like the millionth time, Loki, as expected says no. But when Thor wants to show Loki that he trusts him, he does something that could tip the balance of peace on Midgard, Asgard and Jotunheim. What does he do? He asks Loki to take care of Jane's niece, Melody.


7. Chapter 7


--Loki's POV--


Did she just...


-- Melody's POV --


I woke up at a huge dark blue dining table - I feel a theme coming on here - it's edges were covered with carvings of Norse legends, most of which I could recognise. I'm so proud of myself.  

The table itself was covered with almost every kind of breakfast food I could think of, pancakes dripping with syrup, toast with those thin pieces of danish chocolate, bacon, eggs, cheese, ham, fried tomatoes, fruit - there was even damn choco pops, something I hadn't eaten in years!

"Good Morning, sleepy." came a voice from behind me. Loki dropped a huge dark blue - surprise, surprise - blanket on me and walked to the other end of the table. I wanted to mess with him so I said...

" Hey Loki, hows your eight legged horse child doing?" He had just taken a huge sip of some strange juice, but that made him spit it all out. 

"How the bloody hell do you know about that!?" 

"Dude, I thought you liked your daughter Hel?"  He nearly choked 


​"I know a lot about Norse Mythology." I shrugged


-- Loki's POV -- 

" Hey Loki, hows your eight legged horse child doing?" Melody asked, seriously. How did she know about that!!! I spat out my drink I was that shocked.

"How the bloody hell do you know about that!?" I yelled

 "Dude, I thought you liked your daughter Hel?" I literally choked

"WHAT THE FUCK MELODY!" I screamed, partly because I didn't know what else to say...

"I know a lot about Norse Mythology." She shrugged. Whoa, wait, literally no mortals know anything about us nowadays.... sheeeees speeeciallll.... SHUT UP BRAIN!





- authors note - 


dat shit above actually exists in norse mythology.. look it up!

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