Melody || Loki Fanfic

When Thor begs Loki to come home for what feels like the millionth time, Loki, as expected says no. But when Thor wants to show Loki that he trusts him, he does something that could tip the balance of peace on Midgard, Asgard and Jotunheim. What does he do? He asks Loki to take care of Jane's niece, Melody.


10. Chapter 10



--Jane's POV--


       Ok So I'm not gonna lie... I was really worried about Melody. I mean, wouldn't you be just a little bit concerned that you had just left you human niece in the care of a psychotic ice freak who had recently tried to take over the entire earth!!!

       Of course I couldn't voice my concerns to Thor because I already told him I would support him in this decision and whilst I intend to keep my word, I wished that I had just told him that I didn't think that this was a good idea in the first place. 

      Thats why I was so relieved when Thor approached me about 3 days after we had left Melody in the care of Loki to discuss the situation - sort of.

      "Jane, why are you so tense? What troubles you?" He asked, his eyes filled with concern

"Darling" I replied "Its just that I was thinking about Melody and... I don't know how she's doing, what if..."

      "Jane, you have no reason to be afraid of Loki, after all he is ..."

"Your brother, yes I GET IT! But she's my niece and she's under my care; she's my responsibility just as you think Loki is yours."

      "I thought you might say that." He smirked, a rare yet welcome occasion....






sorry for the short chapter, especially as I haven't uploaded in a while. I promise there will be a longer, more interesting chapter being published tomorrow as that is officially the last day of exams... WHICH MEANS NO MORE STUDYING!!! YaY!! :D Thanks for reading this movella my little munkins

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