Shut Up And Kiss Me Babe!

Hi I'm Kelly, a 17 years old, yep you guessed it!
High school girl, cheerleader and beauty queen and everyone wants to be me!
Wild child throw and throw, pool party's, shopping, boys! I love it!


5. The Pool Party

So we went I was In pink small dress with a bikini underneath and flip flops on my feet we walked throw to the back where the pool was my eyes scanned around the garden to find Mick he was in the pool I unzipped my dress and slipped it off I slid my shoes off and dived in the pool.

Mick snogged me and dragged me up on too his hips I pulled him out off the pool we ran upstairs into Luke parents room and Mick undone my bikini to and throw it on the floor and done the same to my bikini bottoms I pulled his trunks down in eager to have sex and he tossed them on the floor!

He ran his warm hands down my naked body his and on my face then moved to my big tits and around my belly button and ...

It was AMAZING and when his dick entered my fanny it was glory his hand were on my bum pulling me as close as possible aww I schemed harder harder...

And the next day I was PREGNANT!

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